Finished sweet spot mid (what now) . Instead of rest week, a recovery week? Fasted Training

So Ive just finished sweet spot mid base today. Ive Usually been adding a few hours a week on top of what the plan says either through outdoor rides or adding recovery rides. Ive enjoyed this session more than any other so far but it did take an extra couple weeks because of travel.

So now that I’m done I think I am supposed to take a week off before starting another plan.??? I really don’t like to stop riding as I have an inguinal hernia and I cannot walk far at all. The exercise I can safely get is riding. Without it I get depressed and angry after a couple days (addiction). So what I am planning to do is a recovery ride or two every day either 30 minutes or an hour depending on how I feel. This sound ok?

Next is what plan to choose. My surgery will be in a few months to repair the hernia so I will miss my winter A event the Canmore Grizzly Fat bike Race in February. So I am just training for fitness and lose weight but would really like to work on increasing my ftp from 292. What plan should I move to? Im just building fitness basically and want to keep going. After surgery and recovery I will be doing long endurance races, gravel races, road races and a 24 hour mtb race. Thanks for this input!

On a side note I’m on day 7 of fasted training. I’m down 14 lbs (mostly water weight) and feel great. Last 2 days on the bike have been fantastic. Feel like I really nailed the workouts. But for the first time in a couple years the ass is getting sore!!!

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No, you are supposed to go from SSB1 to SSB2 to build without any breaks.

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Thank you so much for that. Its appreciated!!!

Option 2 here:

has been suggested as a way to keep building ftp. I’m considering the same.