Injury comeback log

Last fall I injured my psoas severly while playing hockey. After 3 months of inactivity I am ready to ease back into cycling. When I injured myself I was quite stressed out about losing fitness. I think many of you here can relate. It is difficult to stay on the couch when you see all your friends/competitors loging miles on Strava.

Therefore, I tought it would be a good idea to make a small comeback journal to document how long does it take to gain fitness back . It might motivates others that are facing the same challenges.

Prior to my injury, my FTP was 300w @ 130 lbs (59 kg). I am currently estimating my FTP at 230-240w (Psoas not ready for a ramp test yet) @ 140 lbs (63,5kg). At the moment I can only do aerobic and sweetspot rides according to my physio/doctor.

I have 16 weeks before my first A race of the year. How much fitness can someone gain back in 4 months? :stuck_out_tongue:

I have been building back from being off the bike for a month after having a heart attack. I am almost back to where i was last season at this time, just about 1 month after starting back at SSB.
For reference, I was at 300ftp last January, raced all summer in that range and started to fall off in October to around 260ftp. Shortly after that October test I began having chest pain. Had a heart attack and a stent put in Nov 22nd. After going through rehab with treadmills, elliptical and recumbent bikes for a few weeks at very low RPE, I did a full ramp test at 266 on Dec 26th and just retested Jan 15th at 295.

I don’t know if that helps but I think you should feel optimistic about having 4 months to bounce back

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Thanks for your feedback, that is very encouraging! Also, I am glad to see that you were able to get back on track after such an event.