Minimizing fitness loss while injured

I have picked up a knee injury, which is proving difficult to get rid of. I haven’t trained properly in 3 weeks, and likely i won’t be for another 3-6 weeks (Patella Tendonitis).

Looking for resources which detail how much fitness loss I can expect. My fitness level was pretty high before this, i do about 750hours a year, FTP ~380w/5.4wkg. I have been doing high volume for a number of years, so hopeful some residual which won’t disappear too quickly.

Ultimately, want to decide whether events i have planned early next year are still salvageable, and also how I can minimize this loss. i have been trying to swim, but it really isn’t the same. Have been trying Elliptical too which is tolerable in current condition.

Ugh. Sorry to hear this.

I was on the shelf for 5-6 weeks with illness last winter. FTP went from 300 to 278. Took a while to get it back. Surprised it went that far that fast.

I don’t really have advice, just empathy. Anything cardiovascular feels like it would be better than nothing. I was truly just laying on the couch and not doing anything.

Good luck.

What sort of events are they. If there punchy type events you lose some of that punch but if they are endurance type of event, you don’t lose it, it only goes to sleep. After my extended time of the bike, due to medical reasons, Ive certainly lost some punch but endurance wise after a bit Im as strong as ever.