I'm looking for a dietitian in the UK

Hello, I’m looking for a qualified dietitian/nutritionist in the UK please. PM me if applicable, thanks

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Have you used these Adam? If so, what was your thoughts?

Have you also used these?

Not used them but know the people involved. Very reputable.

Sorry not used them personally. Found out about Will Girling from a few popular YouTube vloggers. Since followed him on Instagram where he puts out a fair bit of credible content on IGTV

Thanks guys, I’ve contacted both so just waiting on a call back. Hopefully get my diet in check

I can recommend Alex Nielan - The Sport Dietician. Worked closely with him for 3 months and can highly recommend. https://thesportdietitian.co.uk

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Thanks Cush, I’ve just checked out his page and his success story pictures look very good! Does he have much experience with cyclists?

Not specific high level pro cyclist but plenty of amateur racers and sportive riders. He provided me with specific plans for the lead up to events and nutrition plans for races and set me up with plans for the long Alps events I am doing in July. One of the meal plans he gave me didn’t float my boat so he took it away and sent me a totally different one within a few hours. As I say, can’t recommend him highly enough.

Got a consultation with him tomorrow morning. He’s got no prices on his website, what does he charge roughly?

I paid a grand for 3 months which I thought seemed steep when I started compared to what I had paid for cycle coaching previously. Ultimately I am happy I went with Alex and I reckon you get what you pay for.

Well I spoke to him this morning. He quoted me literally double that and a touch more. I think he must of been talking to someone who won the lottery. He seemed a nice guy though and clued up

What services did you receive for that cost?

To be perfectly honest I can’t remember now. I wrote it all down in my phone but deleted it after because I couldn’t afford that :slightly_frowning_face:

No worries. I would be interested to see the breakdown and an estimate of how many hrs/month he expects to be working with you.

Seems a bit steep to me but I guess it depends what he’s actually offering.

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Maybe that’s a question I should of asked him. He said we’d be in contact everyday to discuss how I’m feeling and what my performance was