Sports/Body Comp Nutritionist Recommendations?

I was listening to EP 255 on my gravel ride yesterday and one of the guys, not sure if it was Chad, Nate, or Jonathon, suggested working with a nutritionist to dial in daily nutrition to maximize training, performance and overall body function. I’ve been looking for a sports/body comp nutritionist for some time now and can’t find one to work with. There is no one local besides the standard clinical nutritionist who will simply tell me I eat very well and exercise a lot. Does anyone have any recommendations? I’ve reached out to many to hear back either they weren’t taking on new clients, don’t work remotely with clients, or they are overseas and don’t have insurance/credentials to work with US clients.

Thank you

I did a phone consultation with Kyle Pfaffenbach ( last year to make sure I had a nutritional framework as I worked my way back into shape after a pretty bad crash. His fee seemed reasonable to me, and I think it was well worth it!

If I were competitive at an elite level or had the budget to work with him on an ongoing basis, I wouldn’t hesitate to check back in with him again.

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This is ironic timing, as I have been considering connecting with one as well just to see if an outside perspective could identify anything that I am missing. In terms of ability and willingness to work with someone remotely, a lot of the larger endurance coaching program have a Nutritionist Option, though I’m not sure to what depths they go. A few examples to maybe look at (all have remote options)

Purple Patch Fitness -
Peaks Coaching Group -
eNRG Performance -
PFC Nutrition - Works with Phil Gaimon and others -
Namrita Kumar -

I know there are a number of people on here that have or do work with nutritionist, so I’d love to hear personal experiences and opinions on whether it is worthwhile. A little bit of self driven research paired with a lot of the info here and on the podcast seems like someone could self coach/monitor pretty well, but clearly there is some benefit - where do people see the most value in bringing in an outside party?


I started a 6 week program with Namrita Kumar today. Thanks @wfenwick for the list.

I just finished up the Athletes Best Package with Kristen Arnold at Source Endurance and was so happy with the results I signed on for a regular update cadence. I highly recommend her and the package.

What was his fee? I am thinking about reaching out to him.

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I paid $179 for a 2 hour phone consultation & the info packet that was geared towards competitive age group racers. My impression was that I got a semester’s college level nutrition course condensed down into an actionable plan with macro targets. Well worth the cost for a time-crunched husband-dad-business-owner-cyclist.

If I was a pro-1-2 racer and competition was more of a priority, I wouldn’t blink at signing up for the “pro” package at $800/yr that’s more detailed and ongoing.

Disclaimer: Pricing info was from January 2019 and the same packages and prices may not be available now.