Looking for a nutritionist, any recommendations?

Hello everyone,

I’m looking for a nutritionist somewhere in The Netherlands or even Europe.

I have been severely struggling with food, I feel like I’m starving, and low energy all time after training.
I feel like I spend the whole day eating, and I’m gaining weight and I still feel shit. Also I have what I think a quite varied diet, lots of fruits and vegs and whole grains, high amounts of protein, I fuel all my bike rides with nutrition on the bike. I have a recovery shake when I’m back from riding.
All of this effort for 195W FTP, and just wanting to be faster for the local group ride.

Sorry for the venting, but just feel frustrated and work with someone that can help me instead of following internet advice.

If anyone has worked with someone they can recommend, please let me know.

EDIT: I’m also posting here, because after searching online led me a while back to a nutritionist that didn’t really help me much and just gave me very general advice.

Alex Larson is based in the US but might be able to help. She’s been on the podcast numerous times.


I have thought about Alex before.
However rates maybe normal for US, are about 4-6x what I have been quoted here in Europe, and that makes it a bit prohibitive.

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I can’t help with the nutritionist search, but I’d also suggest finding somone more local for nutrition. I think it will help to have someone who knows what is typical culturally (in a broad sense), and also what is easily available in the shops.

Whenever people discuss what they eat on here, I’m amazed at the differences. I don’t mean that in a bad way, I think there are just lots of different ways to cook and to eat, and it might be easier to talk to somone who is broadly familiar with what you mean, and can advise on simple tweaks to your diet.


Yeah, that’s why I went locally first, unfortunately after a few sessions I didn’t get any results.

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Maybe ask your cycling friends in town?

A proper nutritionist will do blood test exams to see if the root cause may be what you’re eating, if you’re low on a certain vitamin or even something to do with your thyroid gland.

Another couple things to consider.

Is that 195 a significant growth from where you started? If so, when it comes to endurance sport, you’ll see big gains when you begin, but soon progress slows down significantly and time and consistency are your friend.

On a related note, are you training too hard? It’s counterintuitive, and we all grew up with slogans like “just do it” or “ go big or go home”, but after being constantly burnt out from trying to do too much too fast, I learned that doing LESS intensity actually benefitted me in the long run because I was able to sleep well, maintain motivation, better control my emotions, binge less, and progress over time through consistency rather than intensity.

Good luck!

Depends what you consider “big” jump.

It was around I think I went form 170W to 195W in about a year or so. So I wouldn’t say big.

I do wonder that. I was seeing very slow progress in LV so I swapped to MV-Masters. I do have been feeling pretty tired. So I wonder if I just need to dial at back, or at least for the time being.

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If you’re truly eating well and fueling the work, getting some rest would be a lot cheaper than hiring a nutritionist. You can always go that route if you find that being rested isn’t working.

I don’t think a nutritionist in the US can order blood work or interpret the results. That would be practicing medicine.

It might help if the OP had some basic blood work done with their primary doctor’s in case that uncovers anything.

yup! Never said that the nutritionist should be from the U.S.A

I was just making a general statement about nutritionists. In Argentina, for example they can. In Europe, maybe as well ?

There are private businesses like this Nourish Balance Thrive in the U.S tho. I’ve personally used them instead of going to my primary doc since it was more specialized and we did all kinds of testing.

For what it is worth - I am based in the UK and signed up for Alex Larson after hearing her talk on the podcast a few times. I did consider a local person but decided that it was worth the investment and 3 months later I don’t regret the decision. I worked with Mary on her team and there were certainly some US vs UK considerations for products and macros counting but on overall I learned a huge amount and it helped me fuel a 700km over 3 days gravel endurance ride very successfully.