Tips on finding a good sports nutritionist

I think my training objectives at this point are handled well by TR, but nutrition is absolutely my limiter. I need to learn to eat better on and off the bike and drop a good amount of weight.

I’m thinking about working with a nutritionist with a sports background, but a quick search around me seems to bring up “health” shake MLM’s and many other results that are hard to wade through.

What criteria/certifications should I look for? I assume I shouldn’t limit myself to someone local…phone/web meetings are so commonplace these days. Any tips or experiences are absolutely appreciated.

Great question!

Look for registered dietitians with a sports nutrition specialty. Some letters after the name to look for: RD/RDN, LD, CSSN. Registered dietitians must complete coursework in nutrition, along with 2000 hours of supervised practice. CSSNs are sports dietitians with additional training. The term “nutritionist” isn’t regulated in most states in the US, so any MLM with an insta can call themselves a nutritionist.

You can find one in your area (or Telehealth) using this search tool: Find a Nutrition Expert (filter on sports nutrition).

See if you can get an intro call or bio from someone you’re looking at working with. Not all RDs are created equal, especially when it comes to the needs of cyclists! I’d recommend asking what approach they follow (good sign: individualized approach, bad sign: X diet, X weight loss program) and what their experience is in working with endurance athletes.

Good luck, and let me know if you have any other questions!


WOW this is super helpful!! Thank you!!!

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You’re welcome!

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Hi, I discovered this guy, Will Girling, on youtube, then through his facebook group.

He has a website with some great recipes: -

He’s in the UK and has worked with Pro tour team EF Education and was out with them at this year’s Giro D’Italia so he’s very cycling aware. I have found his advice very straightforward, no magic potions, supplements or short cuts! He does a weekly live q&a in the fb group. It’s all free with no obligation or pressure to sign up to his personal service.
I’ve no affiliation to Will, but have found his advice very helpful just from his free resources.

Maybe worth a look before spending any hard earned cash! Hope this helps.

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If you are into podcasts, I highly recommend this one:

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Best: PhD, RD, and rides bikes.
Next best: PhD, and rides bikes.
Next best: MS, RD, and rides bikes.
Next best: BS, RD, and rides bikes.

CSSN is a bonus.

Get someone who does endurance sports, ideally including long bike rides.

It will be pretty rare to find someone expert at sport nutrition with any less than the above. I’m sure there are exceptions.

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Following this thread.

Is there a such thing as a sports nutritionist that specializes in picky eaters? That’s what I need.

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An experienced RD will be able to work with your preferences!

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