Adding Notes on the Calendar

I wish we could had notes on the calendar for each workout - I Like the annotations but I find it very helpful to write a quick recap of how I was feeling after each workout. Would be nice if I could add it on TR.

This is likely best handled with the existing “Notes” section for each individual workout:

Example from the web:

And you can add similar notes via the mobile and desktop apps right upon completion of the workout:



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how did I miss that?!

thanks for pointing that out!


I didn’t know you could do that. That is very handy. Do they sync to Strava?


These notes stay in TR only.

Ironically, the use of these notes was directly mentioned in Podcast 242, since the questioner would like to see more people using the notes. Might just be that lots of TR users don’t even know about the current functions?

I couldn’t find an official help or blog post about them. Might be time for TR to add this to the list, so people can learn about their use, @Bryce?


Adding to the above, here is a quick way to scroll through your workouts and find the ones that do or do not have notes.

  1. View the Past Rides section under your Career on the web.

  2. Scroll and load, then you will see any workouts with notes right on screen.

And covered here:


I’ll see what I can do :+1:.

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