Ideas for keeping a training diary

After rambling I’ll answer the specific question.

I use my cycling notes in a couple ways. One is maintenance I have a general maintenance log and a running to do list. I collect specs, part numbers and “how to” instructions and notes.

For training I do a preseason goals plans and ideas note. At the end of each season I do a look back recap. Any good notes app makes it super easy to collect info of the web so if I see an article or post of interest I click and it’s saved. I write up or collect workout ideas for cycling and cross training etc.

When I was racing I’d do detailed post race reports I’d look back at those for example when going back to the same race year after year.

And, when summer comes, I can refer back to last year’s notes on how to prepare the perfect post ride cold brew coffee.

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Hey, thanks, that’s actually useful.

When training, what do you keep track of? Mostly what efforts felt like or also e. g. nutrition?

For individual workouts I note how I felt, whether I struggled, if I had to dial back the intensity etc. after a basic felt good/bad I focus on info needed to interpret the basic stats. For example if the ride ended early did I quit because I couldn’t do it, or stop because I didn’t have enough time to finish. If it’s out door ride I might comment on the route if there was anything out of the ordinary.

When I first started riding, for cooler outdoor rides I’d note the weather and temp and record what I was wearing until I eventually didn’t need to look at notes to dress comfy.

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