A summary of all workout notes, Feature Request

When you finish a workout you can write down notes for that workout. I like to use this as my training diary. But after I close these workouts, I find it a bit of a struggle to find these notes again. It would be nice to have a place where you could see all your notes on one page, what workout they are conncected to and with a timeline. Like a training diary page.
Is there already a way to do this, or do I have to go into each and every workout to find these notes?

Hey there @alicegrindheim!

There is kind of a way to do this with our Calendar through adding annotations. If you click on the day in your calendar, you can then click “add annotation.” This will open up a window where you can title it and add notes about your ride. It won’t show up in the ride page itself but it will show up in the calendar for you to click on and read. Here are a few screenshots for you to see:

Also, here is a help center article that will walk you through the process of adding annotations:

I think this may be close to what you are looking for!

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The best I know, to use the existing notes from the individual workouts, is to open your “Past Rides” section on the web and scroll. You will see all workouts, and the ones with notes have them shown in their entirety.


That works as well! Thanks Chad!

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Yep works well for me this also!

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Thank you guys! The past rides was just what I was looking for, and know that I know about annotation, that will sure come in handy too :grin:

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