I have a week off work

Im a teacher in the UK and every 4-6 weeks we get a week off/vacation.
Im on the Full Distance High Volume planning to race well end of June and again end of July.
This week I currently have a week off work where i can pretty much train how I like, so I’m just wondering on the general direction of peoples opinions on here.
I tend not to follow the swim sets from TR but i do keep the structure with the runs and the bike, and last week was a recovery week.

My thoughts on options for this week:
1> Fit in some real volume and increase my time on each swim (4km per swim) bike (2-3 hrs per ride) run (45min-2hrs per run), but keep the prescribed intervals.
2> Stick to the plan and trust the structure

Today I’ve done all my prescribed stuff and now im just thinking about getting back on it.
I just feel like i should take advantage of a week to train and enjoy myself.

If I had a week off (with nice weather), I’d prob do 2-3 3 hour bike rides


?!? None of my teacher mates seem to get that!

Anyway, I’d probably add some more easy volume (bike and swim), and more recovery/sleep.

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Maybe my family need to move to UK. Here you get 2 months of unpaid forced leave, and in some places not a guarantee you will have a job the next school year…

your question tho…
Do not get carried away… do not fall the trap of going faster/longer than any other week…
Do your thing as you normally would… maybe add SOME volume but not insane amounts…
REST. Use this time to take naps and just generally rest your brain!


Back when I was doing tri’s, I took a week off ~4 weeks out from my Full IM’s and did a heavy volume week.

IIRC, I would do ~10K meters of swimming, ride ~200 miles and ran ~45-50. I would definitely be knackered at the end of the week, but it was a great volume week before starting to wind down for my A race.


How about…just enjoy your time off (even if that includes being active)?

I’m taking a few days off this week. Plan can go to hell.


If you are young and single I’d treat it like a mini camp and do some epic training. First week back I’d take my recovery week.

If older or with a family I’d up the length of my rides but be sure to take some time for the family.

No matter what stage of life you are in I’d take one (or two) of those blocks and do a real vacation.