I ❤️CARBS! (and so should you!)

Thanks Alex

My Kindle says " This format is not support by your device" which is a Kindle Paperwhite download in the usual way from Amazon UK.

I also tried it on an iPad using the Kindle reader app - it appears in the library then when selected say “Opening is taking a little longer than usual -hang tight!” …but never opens.

Looking into it!

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Thank you!

From our admin:

Have them contact info@renaissanceperiodization.com so they can take a look into it for the client. Have them send a screenshot with proof of purchase to info as well and CS can hook them up with the PDF version.

A very public thank you to Dr Alex and Renaissance Periodisation who have sorted me out, And what a guide, thats done more for me in 90 minutes of reading than years of surfing the 'net - easy laid out and to read with helpful tables to calculate your carbs. Thoroughly recommended!


I followed all of the RP information back when I was a powerlifter - have to agree on the level of content… first class!

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Wow, thank you! Glad it’s been helpful.

This forum has been amazingly useful for me in countless areas (many involving wrenches, lol). Pumped to contribute where I can!


Glad you are here. Your sugar water mantra, i.e., 1:1, is a game changer, especially for my wallet! :smiley:

Mine too.

This is very interesting. Sounds like Victor campenaerts is doing high carb bottles as @Dr_Alex_Harrison has been suggesting on here.


I agree that Dr. Harrison’s “sugar water” recommendation is a game changer.

I have been using sugar water on the bike, and it’s been working well. I find that if I add some fresh citrus to the bottle, whether that be juice from a lemon, lime or orange, the sugar water becomes more palatable.

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Durianrider drinks sprite on the bike…pretty much anything sugary can work

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Little questions. I have come from a sport where fueling during isn’t really needed (bouldering) but overall daily carbs matter for the next day. So I have a good grasp on how many carbs i used to eat per day for that.

With that in mind what do you generally hit in grams of carbs per day when training. An average session for me would be one below.

I can’t decide if im eating to much off the bike in terms of carbs and or not enough on the bike :laughing:


Wish my FTP increased 12w during average sessions :muscle:

Haha I’m not taking that as always dubious of power from outside sessions from the power meter.

That said I’d send it on one of the hills :man_shrugging:

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Re high(er) carbs after reading through here and receiving DrAlex book, I’ve played with 80g, then 120g of carbs per hour on the bike mainly for endurance. Oh my, what a difference. Its really at the end of 4-6hrs on the bike I’m still chugging along physically and mentally as happy as I was at the start. For example - and this is after 3.5 weeks of BuildEndurance at 12hrs per week - yesterday I did a 6hr road ride at 210NP/30KMPH average and today a 2hr MTB ride also at 210NP which I was dreading beforehand because I’m tired at the end of my block. With those concentrations of Carbs I feel SO much better at the end of rides its ridiculous. And Zero weight gain.

I’m wondering now; for the last 2 years I’ve been low carb/high protein to drop weight through the base period, but now I’m wondering if I only dropped the carbs off the bike but used Carbs during the long base rides, would I get more out of the rides, recover quick and be stronger later in the year? Would I drop as much weight?


Interesting question. My own personal experience has been fuel everything during base with a reasonable amount of carbs (50-60g p/h) = higher NP over long rides = more kJs burned = better body composition/better aerobic power.

I have found for weight loss cutting fat and eating mainly high carb vegan really keeps weight low and energy levels high.
And fuelling everything

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I saw these & couldn’t resist!

38g carbs and 4g fat per pkg.
Better than a CLIF bar and a lot cheaper!

(Yes, there is actual glucose, milk, and honey in them! :milk_glass::honey_pot:)