I ❤️CARBS! (and so should you!)

I :heart:CARBS! (and so should you!)

Really, it blows my mind how controversial carbs are still to most cyclists out there!

The way I see it, carbs are exactly like paint and brush. Let me explain:

Giving carbs to a couch potato is like giving paint and brush to my 2 years old: it’s a terrible idea, and is guaranteed to end in tears. Paint = bad!

Now, giving carbs to a cyclist about to embark in a VO2max workout is like giving a brush to Da Vinci: magic is about to happen! Paint = good!

I :heart:CARBS! (and so should you!)


A bit late, but at 7-800kcal/hr you aren’t going to be able to eat too much. So I would just try to maximize your intake for most rides and then make sure that you compensate for that during the rest of the day so that you don’t over consume. I think that 50% number is a decent target and would require ~90g/hr which is relatively high but nothing that most people couldn’t hit without some practice and acclimation.

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I am currently resorting to pure honey in a flask, since my rides are so long and I struggle to carry what I need right now. This (along with some water to dilute) is working really well.

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Mmm…honey might not be the best choice. It’s more fructose than glucose and only ~70% carbs.

If you’re struggling to carry what you need now, honey is only making the problem worse! You’d be better just to pour straight up sugar water into the flask.

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Understand your point but so far has worked amazing for say 6 hour rides, cannot complain right now.

and further to that, sugar water really works amazing a la @Dr_Alex_Harrison. Have also used this super concentrated too. Even better, costs literally nothing in comparison to a gel.


After BWR a few days ago, Gatorade/ sugar mix is what I’m definitely using going forward! My pockets are happy too.
I’ve used honey in the past but I’m more of a maple syrup kinda of guy. Plus maple syrup is closer to sucrose than honey. If it works for you it works, don’t fix it if it ain’t broken!

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Can someone summarise the Sugar Water recipe please? I can’t find it and would like to try a bottle tonight…


Ummm…put sugar in bottle, add water, shake…? :man_shrugging:t2:

Sugar is 100% carbs so it’s easy to deal with: 1g sugar = 1g carbs.
(by volume it’s a bit different)

Weight out how much you want/need, add water to the consistency you want/need…that’s it!

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sodium citrate 1tsp ~ 1000mg of sodium. I do 400mg sodium per 100cal
+citric acid for taste(find it in the canning aisle)
Love using this. makes sugar water way more palatable.

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I have been doing 3 tbsp Gatorade, 5 tbsp of sugar and a pinch of sea salt. That equals 90g of carbs.

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Thanks, I thought it was obvious but it was so obvious I also thought I was in danger of being stupid. I’ve an hour of over / unders tonight so don’t need any added fructose, I’ll just use about 40g sugar, a pinch of salt and some squash for flavour.

Maybe also helpful, I really spelled it out how-to, here:

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Thanks, I’m using what I have today which is Cane sugar and sea salt with Robinson’s blackcurrant squash, which doesn’t taste as bad as it sounds.

Over here at 65p / $1 for 1kg of sugar this could save me a fortune.


So well ok, on a test of 1:20h which was 15 mins of an O/U interval bookend by High cadence Z2, the only difference I felt was that I noticed my Sugar water mix at 40g was twice the cals of a SIS gel. As I’m trying to drop 1KG by the end of September this isn’t good.

Yeah, but still nowhere near what you burnt on the bike (more fuel = more watts = more adaptations).

Cut cals out at other times, not around workouts.


40g carbs during a 1h20min ride is appropriate for most folks even in a fat loss diet phase.


SIS gels have 22 grams of carbs so if you are mixing 40 grams of carbs from sugar water then the calories will be double. Carbs are 4 calories/gram so unless a product adds something else (fat or protein) there isn’t going to be a significant calorie difference in any sports drink product when equalized for grams of carbohydrate.

Also, your workout was likely over 700 cals +/- burned so you can work around the 160 calories from your drink. If you want to keep is consistent then just reduce to match the SIS gel.

Has anybody tried mixing apple cider vinegar in the sugar water? It blows my mind (not hard to do) sweet sour helps :joy:

Apple cider vinegar…blackcurrant squash…WTH? You heathens!!

Blood, sweat, and/or tears should be the only flavours you add to your sugar water!