How to squash 28 week plan into 21?

Seeking advice on … I have 21 weeks from now to long course triathlon.
Long course triathlon plan is 28 weeks - 12 weeks base, 8 weeks build and 8 weeks specialty
What’s the optimal way to make the 28 week plan work in the 21 weeks that I have available ?

Thanks so much, Michael

Read this for some guidance.

Skip the rest weeks :wink:

Change your entire life and live an 18 hour day? You save 6 hours a day and make up the extra week in 21 days!

Holidays and birthdays might come around much quicker and your family and friends might be somewhat confused


ha ha … i already survive on 5hrs a night - maybe I should just skip all rest days and do 3 sessions a day, swim at dawn, run at lunch and on the trainer in the evening every day. yep, that will get me ready :rofl:

Yes, thanks … i did give that a read previously, but of course its not quite as definitive as I was hoping for.
After a re-read i still not certain (I’m a black and white kinda guy), so at this stage , and unless another idea comes along, I think I’m going to try :

Base - 10 weeks instead of 12
Build - full 8 weeks
Specialty - 3 weeks instead of 8

By default, I’ll be doing ‘race specific’ rides over the next 5 months anyway because I can ride outdoors all year round in Sydney, Australia and I’m free every 2nd weekend and I want to keep the bike handling and aero position familiarity … and if I’m going to ride for 4 or 5 or 6 hours, its definitely outdoor for me

So, i think that’s my place - I have 10 weeks of Mon-Fri indoor base training (with some long weekend outdoor rides) ahead of me to ponder this further :slight_smile:

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