TR Plans = 24 weeks - Competition in 22 weeks

I will begin preparation - Half Ironman triathlon MID - the 7th january.
TR plan is 3 x 8 weeks (Base + Build + Spec).
Competition is 15th june - Only 22 weeks…

Could you help me to adapt TR proposition ?

After injury in june (broken collarbone) since septembre i do
TB Low III (4 weeks)
SBB Low II (6 weeks)
SBB Low II (6 weeks)

Thanks a lot for your help

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Why do you have to wait until January 7th to start training? If you could start earlier, that could help your timeline a lot. You have a good Base under your belt, but I don’t know if you’ve started your swim/run training yet. As Chad posted above, if you’re short on time you should get through as much as you can of your training plan, which means Base>Build>and 6 weeks of the Specialty plan. You can replace weeks 5-6 of your Specialty phase with weeks 7-8 as a taper.

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Thanks you.
I understand the best way is to kill Weeks 5 & 6 of spec phase.

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Base is 6 weeks so that fits your 22 weeks))?

For triathlon half distance is 8 weeks :wink:

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ok thanks
Why the 7th ? because i worked hard since september (injury in june) and would like have very light training for chrismas holydays :wink:

Apologies, was thinking SSB!