A race moved to 8 weeks later. How to adjust my 28 week plan?

I’m on the 4th week of sweet spot base MV and I’ve schedule to start my full 28week (base I and base II total 12 weeks + built 8 weeks, going on general buil MV + Speciality 8 weeks, still in doubt about XCO or XCM MV speciality plans) so I could finish speciality I’m mid April 2020 when it was supposed to take place my A Race that is a 2h circuit for mountain bike race.

Now I have the news, that race will only take place 8 weeks later so… I know I’ve got some time until the end of base training to decide the next steps, but I’m already wondering what shall I do to fill in that 8 weeks gap. I’m considering:
A) After Base I and II and General build, put in the 8 week short power build before getting in Speciality phase, or
B) After General build to do both Speciality I’m in doubt to to, doing XCM speciality first and by last XCO speciality.

Wich option is the safest to get me full gas at that A race? Any other better options or ideas?

Note - I’ve read the articles in the help center about the topic but it’s not clear for me what’s the best option.


Sorry, but for clarification. Did the race get moved 4 weeks or 8 weeks? The title and your write up seem to contradict each other.

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Sorry! The title was wrong. It’s 8 weeks (about 2 months going from mid april to first week of juin).

Add in extra Base. Back to back Builds will be too much.


So you have a SSB 1, SSB2, Build, Specialty plan and you are currently partway into SSB 1 of that plan, yes? (I didn’t check the calendar math.)

I would repeat SSB 1 and leave the other two weeks unallocated to fix future scheduling problems (getting sick, etc.).

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I understand the idea. Thanks!

Your idea also makes sense. If I choose this path I’ll have to decide in the next 2 weeks. Thanks!

After re-reading the article Adjusting your Training Plan on the Too Much Time! part, I´ve re-scheduled this way: SSBI 6weeks + SSBII 6 weeks + SSBII (again) 6 weeks + Build 9 weeks (doing the 7th week twice) + Specality.
This adds only 7 weeks because The 8 week gap is more like 7.5 because the event is on a Thursday and so in the 2 days before the race ill do some repeat of one or two trainings from the last tapper week of speciality.

If i´m doing this adjustment in a wrong way please let me know.

what about using those two months as really race specific and weakness specific times to hone your skills…look at your power profile vs your category and see where you Don’t stack up well; address those.

If you have time, get big volume in week 1 and 5 of the extra time. Rest week 4 and taper week 7 and 8.

lots of things you could do that aren’t just cookie cut and it’ll take you even farther!

Good luck!


Not sure I understand this right but if it is doing a 7 week program adressing my weaknesses or race specific, that would be like doing speciality XCO twice because i´m not very explosive and I take normaly over one hour to feel good on the bike and my race will have only 2 hours.

I find repeating base to be demoralizing. YMMV.

I’d rather move onto Sustained Power Build, which is kind of like SSB, and then move onto Short Power Build and XC MTB Specialty.

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perfect, work on explosive efforts in 7 weeks out and slightly 6 weeks out. then something else 5w out and rest 4w out, then work explosiveness 3 wks out before taper (however you normally taper).

hope that clarifies things!

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That was my option A. Good point on lack of motivation by repeating twice the same SSBII.

Sorry can’t understand exactly what you’re explaining but thinking that it goes more or less with the previous message and short power build is a good option after base I and II and general built.

So I’ve been thinking on the options suggested above and still doubting between:
Option A) SSBI + doing twice SSBII before going to general Build and finishing with Speciality off road XC marathon; or
Option B) SSBI + SSBII + doing two build programs (general Build + short power build) finish the same with Speciality off road XC marathon.

PROS AND CONS I’ve identified so far:

  • Against option A I have maybe some boring/lack of motivation by doing twice the same plan. In favor it takes me only 6 weeks of the 7 and half weeks I’ve to spare from the schedule. It will also give me more base and probably get me less burned out than doing two build plans in a row, specially if a good rest isn’t possible during those weeks on build.

  • Against option B I’ve already mentioned a possible burnout by doing two consecutive builds (maybe I’m wrong and this won’t be more harmful than doing twice SSBII). Also a second build takes 8 weeks and I’ve got only 7 and a half weeks. This can be surpassed by cutting one of the builds by a week. The main advantages of the two builds is not having lack of motivation because there will be no repeated program and at the same time being able to work two different kinds of build, general and short power and in the type of A race I have ill need some kind of a mixed steady power with some short power bursts for sure.

Any help based on experience would be appreciated so I can decide this on the next week’s. Ending SSBI this week so I still have some time to decide.