Managing a plan: Shifting/moving multiple workouts

I’m just trying out TR (as a TP user) and liking the simpler interface. But one thing worries me – In TP I can manage whole segments of a workout easily. For instance, if I miss a workout today I can “shift” my whole training plan forward a day with two clicks. I can also multiple-select several workouts and drag them to a new location (like forward two days). I can’t find a way to do that in TR. Do I have to move each and every workout individually?? That would be horrible since, over time, my training plan ALWAYS starts to shift a bit… I’m imagining all the click-drag click-drag click-drag I’d have to do over a 3 month plan…!!! :scream: I hope I’m just missing something obvious.

You can use the “Push” option for any week that is not the current week. This option moves the selected week and all those that follow in the plan, one full week ahead in the calendar.

There is also a “Move” option, that comes in handy in the current week when “Push” is not possible.

There is not a “move the whole plan one day or more” option there than the push week option.

This support site has some great stuff to show you all the options:

And the master Calendar section with more info: