Shifting an entire training block

Hi, when planning multiple blocks of training between base, build, and specialty, is there a way to shift for example an entire build plan after I’ve applied it to my calendar? I’ve chosen the incorrect week to start a build period and I’d like to shift either a week back or forward on a plan that’s already in my calendar but have yet started.

It seems I have to delete the plan and re-add it to the correct start week.
Or did I miss a feature that already exist to be able to do this?


Push the first week of build, see “Manipulating Entire Weeks” section in this support article:


Thanks @bbarrera, however I’m looking to shift the entire plan itself by a week.

lets say you have base and build starting Monday October 28. If you push the first week of base out 1 week, then the entire base/build plan will shift +1 week. Thought that is what you wanted?

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Ahh. Thanks @bbarrera, it looks like it was the “Pull Week” feature is what I was looking for to remove a week of gap between base and build. Performing a “Pull Week” on the 1st Week of Build shifts all the workouts in the plan. All except the plan or week marker on the first day of the plan but this is minor.

Again, thanks for your help on this.

:biking_man: have a great day!

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