How to set workout days in plan builder and more?

I just joined trainer road workout program 2 days ago. And am trying to set up a 50 mile TT workout program

I did search repeatedly for the answer

I currently ride M,T,Th,F 12 hours

I have tried to set up Polarized plan for those days

Can’t find anything more than 40k time trial

Can’t find a way to set the workouts for M,T,Th,F

Any help is much appreciated

Have you reviewed the main TR support article on Plan Builder?

  • In step 6 above, you can drag and drop the workouts between the days of the week to layout the basic order and says you want to workout.
  • What specifically are you aiming to do for an event or training objective? We need to know more about your goal to offer a better suggestion.

WOW thank you for such a fast and detailed reply.

Sorry for my lake of detail in my questions.

I can’t find a way to change how many workout days. Eg I want 4 per week. I have been doing 12 hours a week. High level has too many workout days Medium has too few. How do I change the schedules to it is always M,T, Th, F? It gives for eg 5 workout days If I drag and drop I still have 5 workouts If I delete I lower then number of hours per week which I don’t want to do.

I want to do a half distance aquabike race Swim 1.2 miles ( I have a plan for this) and 56 mile bike.

The 40K plan seems like not enough miles.

As of now, we can’t set the number of desired days precisely.

  • Low Volume plans are usually 3 days per week.
  • Mid Volume plans are 4 days (Polarized plans) or 5 days (most other plans) per week.
  • So you can choose between those and may need to either add or remove one day as needed to hit your 4 workouts goal.

I can’t help much more since you are looking into the multi-sport stuff (I don’t do any of that and am not familiar with that aspect of the plans) but if you search, will see how people have handled the aquabike situations.

FWIW I did a couple of 50miles TT last season and used the 40k TT plan and it seemed to work for me.

Thank you for the info

I’m only doing the time trial plan

I’m not doing multi sport

I am trying to do 50 mile TT

All I can find is 25 mile/40k

So you can’t tell the app what days you have available to train and how many days?

Pick the high volume and delete one workout per week from it. Or pick mid volume and add a workout from the library or TrainNow feature.

I did that

Unfortunately that left me with no threshold for the week. I basically had to build my own workout plan which I don’t want to do

It can’t be possible that you can’t select what days you have available to work out

Or is it?

I just want to say ok I have

To train. Build a plan for those days

Hard to think such an easy request like that thing it is impossible with how powerful TR is

I get what you mean but there’s only so much that any online training plan will do for us. At some point we do have to do a little extra work to make it best suit our needs.
You can totally put what workout days you want to train, that’s in plan builder.
Low volume is usually the best plan to start with, it’s 3 core workouts a week. The 4th is a day you can ride some endurance or work on skills to get some extra tss.
Move the days around to your liking in plan builder, then for the 4th workout, trainnow will recommend a workout each day that takes into account all the workout/ rides you have done prior.
You could also try mid volume polarized which is 4 workouts a week. Just move the days around in plan builder.

Thank you for the info

I did try mid biking and it gave me 6 days a week