Defining training days and available time


i’m sorry i can’t really find a good answer in the forum and can’t find it on my own.
How can i decide what my preferred training days are, and who much time i have to spend - when i’m building a plan?

For Example:
Monday: rest
Tuesday: 2h
Wednesday: rest
Thursday 2h
Friday: rest
Saturday 1h
Sunday 3h

Just saw that it’s possible to switch days for example from wednesday to friday, but also don’t delete them!?

Thanks very much.

Sorry, I am not sure I’m following what you want to do :slight_smile:
You are creating a new plan in plan builder, and want to select which days? There’s a dedicated step to that, right? You are not able to tell how much time you have available (that’s done through the choice of the volume), but you can adapt things later on, in the calendar, by moving workouts between days and switching them to alternates if you need to…

There isn’t really a feature where you can say “I have this much time on these days” and TR will spit out a plan to fill that time. With that time split I would probably be tempted to pick a low volume plan for the shorter 3 days and then do a long endurance ride on the 3hr day. For the 2hr days you can either add endurance to the end to fill in the time or choose an ‘alternate’ that fits your desired length.

If Im understanding this right @afitz85 you could set up a MV plan (although Wednesday is not rest its an active recovery session) and tweak individual days to your available time by selecting a workout from ‘Alternatives’. I’m not sure if its a daily thing you’d or if you can edit all the sessions individually in your calendar (I am especially unsure as to AT).

How to use Workout Alternates – TrainerRoad