How to Pick the Right Plan, Weight Management, Recovery Strategies and More – Ask a Cycling a Coach 192

2019’s first Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast Episode is all about finding the right training, sticking to it through challenges and optimizing your performance along the way to your next A Race. Tune in live and bring your questions!

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Sweet Spot Base 2

Baxter Workout:

Dr. Rhonda Patrick:

Smith Machine:

How to Fix Knee Injuries for Cyclists:

Food Scale:

Bonelli Park XC course:

Fontana XC course:

Great example of tail gunning a race


How serendipitous of a topic! A few weeks ago I recall the guys recommended the Century specialty plan for Leadville (I think, :grin:). I’m planning to do Assault on Mt. Mitchell ( in May and I chose the Climbing Road Race specialty plan (100-mile race w/10k ft of elevation gain). Should I switch that to the Century plan or is Climbing Road Race the best option? Thanks!

Chad’s mic isn’t working…


Right now on the livestream I can’t hear Chad, Jonathan is left channel only and Nate is the only one I can hear properly.


Looking into it!


I’m pretty sure Nate is right channel only.

Someone just needs to go in there and stop them, because this isn’t going to be listenable as a podcast.


has any one used heat shock proteins ( Crazy health benefits of sauna by Dr. Rhonda Patrick - YouTube ) as an important part of their training?

Still can’t hear boss Chad

Have chad sit closer to Jonathan to share mic


Doing galena whilst watching, feeling strong!

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Somebody should tell Chad not to bother talking. He’s left channel only at about 10% of the other guys volume.


Thank you all for tuning in live this week and sorry for the audio issues!

Unfortunately, we are not able to remedy these issues while recording. We want the audio to be continuous so that we have everything we need for editing and uploading after for everybody to enjoy.

We will have it fixed in the post and you will be able to listen without issues here, on YouTube, and on SoundCloud/iTunes/Spotify!


Oke doke - I’ll listen after the podcast has been fixed in post - shame

@Nate_Pearson if you want to do a gravel race, you should do Gravel Worlds in Nebraska, I’ll fly out and do it with you (my in laws live there). It’s late august, more time to work on fitness

why don’t nate and chad just switch chairs chad has the info i want. nate is a cat 5 racer with nothing to add to the convo @Ian

I hope that’s a joke.


i love all these guys. just a friendly ball busting. sorry tone is often lost on the internet


No worries!