Pedaling Technique, Smarter Racing, TT vs. Road Bikes and More – Ask a Cycling a Coach 185

November 15, 2018

Join us live for Episode 185 of the Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast! We’ll be having a discussion on whether proper pedaling technique is a myth, how to win races with low power output, when triathletes should use a road bike instead of a TT bike and taking your live questions.

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Live Notes

Cross Country Marathon Specialty Plan:

Century Specialty Plan:

General Build:

Sustained Power Build:

Nates Collar Bone X-Ray:

Create a Season for your time training with a broken collar bone:
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Check out our Crit Analysis with the Cliff Bar Team and one at a local race:

Best Bike Split

Waxing Chain Tutorial

Getting Faster for Reasons Beyond the Podium Ft. Pete Morris


My questions for Coach @chad


  • newer cyclist with less than 5 years training experience
  • time is not limited


  • is a block of full traditional base better (vs SSB) at developing aerobic fitness (not muscular endurance) aka teaching body to use more fat for fuel?
  • do you see the use of aerobic decoupling as a viable metric to field test increasing aerobic fitness? If not, then what do you recommend?
  • would you support doing a block of traditional base to improve aerobic fitness, followed by SSB to develop muscular endurance?
  • purely from a base fitness point-of-view (both aerobic fitness and muscular endurance), what are the pros/cons of SSB-MV versus SSB-HV?
  • @Nate_Pearson is my hero for both dropping weight and using sweet spot to increase ftp to over 300. Can you provide some general principles that I can apply to my own training, based on this n=1 scenario?

edit: would your answers to above change if my target event was racing crits vs epic rides vs TTs vs XC vs etc.?

Love the podcast, love the training plans, and I wanted to thank the entire team for all the awesomeness!


What progression of workouts would you use to build ability to do sweet spot intervals for longer durations (ie 25, 30, 40 minutes or longer)?

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Is there a way to be alerted when a live podcast is about to start? I have seen the videos on YouTube and I have a podcast that auto-downloads the published audio, but the q and a is my favorite part and is no longer included. I would love to watch live, but I am busy and always forget.

@Ian how do we submit a question?

edit: never mind…got it.

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Like and Follow TR and the AACC on FB to get notifications when they go live.

Bummer, I don’t use Facebook.

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@Patrickfleege you can subscribe to YouTube and even if you miss it, the full livecast is available after its recorded:


FYI, the broadcast on Facebook timed out and doesn’t appear to be live over there.

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Oh no! Thanks for the heads up! I’ll go check it out quickly!

Should be fixed now! Thanks for letting me know!


When you see a picture of Nate’s x-ray posted then you know it’s going to be a good podcast this week. :grinning:

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When you move from the back to the front, how do you get back into the line/out of the wind? I’m a CX racer and do not understand the “right level of assertiveness” to get out of the wind in a crit.

The only technique that really works for me is to ride on the inside-most position through a corner and push someone out, which is not a good way to make friends.

@Nate_Pearson Cap’n Crunch is BOMB

@TLRozzle There are a few things that makes moving around a little bit easier. First, be vocal but courteous when you are moving around. People just like to be aware of what you are doing and it makes things a lot easier. Even just asking to get back in from the wind, most people don’t mind.

Running the inside line through a corner is a sure fire way to get back in line, but as you said you won’t make many friends. Try to anticipate what the group is going to do and finesse your way back in based on setting up for the corner. If your bars are ahead of the person and you give them a little squeeze, neither of you should have to brake and the corner sorts everything else out for you. One last fail safe is taking it easy and just rolling to the back of the pack, especially if you know nothing important is coming up.


Linky to these cat 3 / feedzpne memes? Second time in the podcast Jonathan has mentioned them. But can’t find the page on the web /FB lol. Sounds like some classic cycling memes that’s all.


There goes my afternoon. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Thanks for another great podcast @Nate_Pearson @Pete @Jonathan

Regarding pedalling technique, I’ve seen a You Tube video by DC Rainmaker, which demoed integration of Garmin Cycling Dynamics for Vector Pedals with TrainerRoad where the quadrant, balance and sitting / standing data was shown on screen during a workout. I understand that this is only available on iOS so was wondering if it is something that will get pushed across all the platforms eventually? Would be super cool to get feedback on pedalling technique while following the on screen prompts.



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