How to handle week off in training plan


From december 26th to january 2nd I will be off the bike because of the family visiting.
The problem is it’s the hardest week of the block, then there’s an easy week, and I don’t really want to delete it.
Do you have any ideas how I should go about it ?

Is your plan end date tied to an event? Have you tried putting that week in as holiday into plan builder and seeing what it does?

No it isn’t tied to an event. It’s the Rolling Road race custom plan and goes for an entire year.
I’m new to the software, I didn’t know you could do that and I don’t find the option.
I can just copy, move, or erase the week.
And when creating the plan, I can only change the training volume for the chosen week.

There are ways to push back whole blocks of a plan, or just selected weeks, but I haven’t tried it myself. I expect someone else on the forum can chime in, else you can ping

This might help?

I don’t know if it’s a good Idea to move the last week of the block one week ahead. Because I’ll have 1 week off the bike, then 1 week pretty hard, and then a rest week.
This feels a bit weird.
That’s why I’m wondering if I should delete the whole hard week, or if it’s a bad idea.

When you create the plan you can enter a goal event that the plan builder will end your program at or just let it run through the whole year with no set goal (just a focus).

I would just skip the final week and get on the bike as much as possible while your family visits. If you can maybe get an hour or so in in the morning before people wake up then try to do that but I wouldn’t sweat it too much.

Then depending on how much work you get in while your family visits I would either take the recovery week as scheduled (if you get a descent amount of time on the bike) or maybe add a couple of harder efforts earlier in the week to open up your legs a little before the next block (if you don’t get on much).

If you don’t have an event in the month or two after this break then I wouldn’t worry about the missed week too much. Just enjoy the time with your family and get on the bike as much as you can if possible then get back to work when things are more consistent after the holidays.

My bad, looks like the holiday entry is a future plan for development still.

What you could do is shuffle the weeks so
w/c 21: put in the recovery week from week 12
w/c 28: off
w/c 4: week 10 workouts (antelope +5 etc)
w/c 11: week 11 workouts (juneau -1 etc)
w/c 18: week 12 recovery again

It’ll extend your timeline a little but given you’re not tied to an event date it should be fine.

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Just forget it. Get on the trainer if you can otherwise, it’s December and you have no events on the horizon. Is it going to make any difference at all by July? My guess is no.

Thanks for the suggestion, but I think I’m just gonna delete it as told above.
I want to start racing if possible next season, but It’s not like I have a particular event I want to train for and win.

Thanks for helping guys !


For me, whenever I get back on the bike after even just a couple of days off, I need to do a couple of sweet spot workouts before resuming anything with more intensity. YMMV.

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I’ve learned that you can ‘force’ time off by adding ‘C’ races with low TSS. Plan Builder will re-calculate around them :slight_smile:

For my last holiday week I did 5TSS ‘C’ races on each day. Not sure if this is an approved method but it works for me and has little effect on the TSS chart…