HOW TO Extend an Existing Plan

Due to COVID my club’s scheduled events have had change, and consequently I’ve needed to extend my existing plan. Ian V on Support gave me the solution (thanks Ian) which I received his permission to publish.

The main issue was retaining the existing plan. When a new plan is created it typically has the structure, Base/Build/Speciality, but when extending a plan I didn’t need a new Base or lengthy Build, as that had already been completed. The process begins by changing the date of one event within your current plan, really just a dummy change which I removed subsequently, to trigger opening Planbuilder, and having made that change Planbuilder asks if you want to add new events, and these can be, both within your current plan or, in my case where I needed to extend it, months further out.

This works for Adaptive Plans.

What I discovered during this was the different treatment of A, B and C event types.
• A events must be at least 8 weeks apart. They seem to get both a taper and recovery period.
• B events can be as close or wide as you like, the plan workouts are adjusted to impact them, but don’t seem to have a taper or recovery
• C events, like B, can be as close or wide as you need, but the plan isn’t adjusted, apart from removing a workout on or close to the event.

The process:

• Open your Calendar
• Select an existing event and change its date WITHIN the completion period of your current plan.
• Save that change and ACCEPT recalulation. Planbuilder then recalculates future workouts, but your history is retained.
• Planbuilder then asks if you want to add new events, select that option and this time Extend the plan to its new end date with an A event, ACCEPT
• You may need to change or remove the Dummy event.
• Repeat as often as you need, taking into account the differences between A, B and C events.