How to change a workout within a plan

Sorry if this has been covered, but did not find it.

How does one switch a planned workout to something else? Not seeing it in the web interface.

Eg, i loaded SSB II into my calendar, and wanted to swap the ramp test for a SS workout (just did a ramp test 2 weeks ago). Could not find how to do this, so added Geiger and deleted the ramp test. The Calendar then moved the plan start date to the next planned workout of SSB II. Don’t care too much about the change in start date, but would like to be able to switch workouts into the plan when necessary.


Right now, you simply delete the workout you don’t want and add the one you do want.

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Yep, that is what I did, but then the calendar thinks the deleted workout was dropped/missed.

I see. Not sure if that is planned behavior?

If the workout was deleted, where can you see that it was missed?

previously, you could switch workouts within a training plan, but for now that does not seem to be possible. There is no mechanism to switch, so the option/workaround is to delete it from the calendar. So i can do another workout, but it will not count towards the completion of my training plan, unless i am missing something.