How to delete plan from calender

I added a plan and due to work madness had to postpone, I want to start again, with a new one but can’t how to delete all the works outs and load a new one? over deleting them one by one?

When you delete the annotation for the plan, doesn’t it delet all the workouts? I though that worked whenI tried it on Wednesday.

i had already start deleting the days so now I have a bunch of work outs that appear to be linked to nothing and u can’t multi day delete?

For future reference.



Follow up question. If I delete a plan, will the workouts I already did remain? I only want to remove the future workouts and create another plan.

All completed workouts will remain, only the future ones are removed.

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Super. Thank you!

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I’m trying to update my plans due to changes in races. Looking to delete existing plans but if I click on the annotation at the start of each training block, base, build, speciality I only get the option to “update” rather than “delete”. I’ve already removed my race - any ideas?

OK - Now sorted, need to click through the “Your Plan” link right at the start not the individual blocks.

Hi folks,
i have created one too many plans…all starting this Monday June 29th as you can see below. i have clicked on the start annotation but there is no delete option on any of them. i have read answers to this question and seen the delete option should appear but it doesn’t for me, on any of the plans.
anyone got any ideas as to what i am missing / doing wrong?

no delete option as below…??


fixed… pure luck! was checking out the plans on my mobile (iPhone) and and clicked on the starting annotation and there was a delete option. no idea why or how but all sorted now.