Override Productive Workout Day

I’m currently on a mid-volume plan. TR schedules my productive workouts on Saturdays. Saturday is the one day that I get outside for a group ride so I’m either missing them or trying to do the workout in addition to the group ride. Is there a way to manually schedule the productive workout to a different day if the week?

Just drag them on the calendar on the pc version. On the app version I think you click on the pencil/ edit button.

You might be better off with a LV plan and just doing the outside rides and not bothering about a weekend workouts. If the ride doesn’t happen just do Train Now, That’s what I do and in the absence of WL2’s it apparently lets AT calculate better.


Thank you for your reply and great advice! I didn’t realize it was that easy to make adjustments.

My bigger concern was, to what extent would my messing with the schedule that TR set up affect the outcome of the training plan.

I’ll play with this a bit and find a solution that works

Move things within a week window and there’s no impact to my knowledge.

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you can actually set this up before hand when creating a plan

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At the risk of sharing already known resources, these are helpful in finding some of the options we can overlook.

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Thank you Chad!

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