How to adjust my training plan for a one day or a one week break?


I started my first Trainerroad Plan (Sweet Spot Base Mid Vol 1) on Monday. Between the 24th and the 31th I want to participate in the Rapha Festive 500 (Ride 500km in eight days). Since it would be to much to sustain the training during this time I am not sure what would be the best way to handel this? Can I just shift the training plan one week forward and insert the Festive days?

There is a second question related to this topic for which I hope someone of you can give me advice. On Saturdays I usually do a longer ride outside (4-6h). Should I substitute the saturday training unit with it or should I rather put the ride on a rest day (sunday)?

What would you suggest?

Best and thanks in advance!

P.S.: The aim of my training is to prepare a a bikepaking race in late April. So I want to continue with the weet Spot Base Mid Vol 2. Maybe that might be important.

You can push your training plan forward by a week: go to your calendar and scroll to the week you want to modify/insert something else; click on the three dots next to the week number and choose “Push week”. This will shift everything from that week onwards. You can’t do this for the current week if you’ve already done one of the workouts.

If you’ve used Plan Builder then you’ll get a warning that you won’t be able to make further modifications.

If you haven’t used PB then try it. Set your Festive 500 week as a stage race with a “stage” each day, maybe as a B event and put your goal event down as your A event. Then see what PB comes up with.

Otherwise with five months or so out from your target event a week’s riding isn’t going to do much to alter the course of how the training goes, though you might also want to add a recovery week for the first week in the new year.

Saturday rides - you don’t say where in the world you are but in the Northern Hemisphere it’s winter so I’d choose what to do based on the weather.

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I am located in Germany so that weather advice is a good one :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot, that is very helpful. Have a great one!