Training plan questions for rest, skipping workout, changing end date…

I’ve got a bunch of questions about the plans. I used TrainerRoad last offseason but want to ensure I’m maximizing value.

I recently started a low volume rolling road race plan and set and end date for end of March which is when I may be able to start riding outdoors in the northeast. I don’t have a true goal event so figured this would be my offseason training.

What is the best way to choose a plan end date in this situation?

I tend to be very good at sticking to the low volume plan. I’ll often swap days of the week around but typically get all the workouts in within the week. What happens to the plan if a workout is skipped? I did it recently and seems it just skips the ride without any modification?

I haven’t taken time off the bike in a while. Gone from riding all year outdoors to the indoor plan. If I want to take a week or two off during the winter, how would I do this within the plan? Same question about possibly changing end date of plan to extend. How does this work?


I don’t race so in a similar situation. I set a “placeholder” event at the beginning of summer, say early June… That Way I can ride the peak so to speak over summer.

It will modify if AI deams it necessary

Use the annotations in the calendar.

You can ad and move events around and planbuilder should adapt the plan.

If you are scheduled a recovery week… Petit etc. Will it mess the plan up if I do these and do some day recovery rides on zwift?

If they are truly recovery rides (super short and embarrassingly easy) then likely not. I find those are hard to do on Zwift.

Indeed. Best bet is to either run TR and Zwift together and let TR control the trainer, so Zwift is just for scenery/XP/drops, or to create a clone of the TR workout (Lazy Mountain -2 is my go-to) using Zwift’s workout creator and ride that workout in Zwift, associating it to the workout in TR if required.

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I was more thinking about not doing say Petit and doing a pace partner ride at the same wattage output.

I’ve done plenty of those. Just factor in the effect of being in the draft reducing the power you’ll need to produce as compared to the advertised pace of the bot, and also be mindful that the flatter routes will help you stay in zone.