How should I continue training if event gets postponed or cancelled?

Hi!! New user here! I have almost finished the first month of training and the application is pleasantly surprising me. I love it and little by little I am learning and noticing improvements.

My question:

I have a training plan for an event in April (MTB marathon). If that event has to be postponed or cancelled (due to covid uncertainty), how should I continue training?

What I like about the app is that I set the date of the event and I don’t have to worry about anything else, but if the event is cancelled, I don’t know how to maintain my fitness or how to schedule my weekly workouts…

Some existing resources & discussion:


I am unfortunately fully expecting my A event to be cancelled or postponed. When it happens I’ll move it to a future date (either theoretical date or postponed date) and when the plan asks me if I want to recalculate, I’ll say yes.

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Oh, this is perfect for start!! Thank you (and sorry all if my question was so obviously o reiterated…)

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