Periodization now all our races are cancelled?

I apologize if this has been asked in another thread.

All my races are now cancelled… Ill assume this is a common story.

Ill assume no right or wrong answers here; but what are people doing about training, staying in specificity, going back to base, focusing on… ?

My goals are XCO, I’m toying going back to low-intensity base work for now until we get a clearly picture.

What is everyone else doing?

Cheers and thanks.

I was about to move into race phase, but now not knowing when I will be racing again, I am probably going back to do another sweetspot base on my new numbers.

I’m assuming I won’t be doing IM70.3 Barcelona in May, although no confirmation yet.

I found TR very early in my cycling career and have always followed SS based programmes (which have always worked well) but it has left me feeling like I’m missing the time / miles in my legs that other people have to give me a really solid base. As a result (and having just picked up a new bike) I’ve decided I’m going to follow a modified TBHV1 outside for the next few weeks, modified by adding one indoor VO2 session per week.

At the end of the first phase I’ll reassess based on the guidance / outlook at the time.

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