Events cancelled

Hi I have been using TR for a number of years now and really enjoy it. In 2018 I trained with it and saw my FTP raise to 199 but since then, due to work, have seen it drop to 166. This year due to lockdown I have trained religiously to the Sweet Spot and custom plans for a club ride up Mont Ventoux in September. In addition I had a Yorkshire Dales ride planned this week 21-22/9/20. Sadly both of these events have been cancelled so I have lost my direction as this week I was supposed to be tailing off training in preparation. I am really not sure what to do with my current fitness as that has increased however I am keen to raise my FTP. Must admit I did think my FTP would raise due to following the plans almost 100%. Do you suggest I start a new plan or increase my TSS weekly loading ?



Have a look at the existing threads for some prior guidance:

Edit to add a link to a related podcast from earlier this year:

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