How long do I rest before starting a training program?

I’m 63 and coming off yet another year of random hard and easy rides. My last ride was 2+ hours of Zone 3-4, 5 days ago. Is 5 days enough of a break to do the ramp test and get started on a real training program (knowing that recovery is slower at my age) or should I wait?

Unless you are trying to do a deliberate “reset” for the season, which can range from 1-3 weeks typically, you are good to test and start training, if that is what you want and fits your future training schedule.

I’d love to get started. : ) But will I get better results by doing a reset? How do you know when this is best?

Check out the following info on taking a break:

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If by “better results” you mean your long term fitness, then the sooner you get started on a real training program the better. If you mean the ramp test score, then you need to change your mindset - the purpose of the ramp test is to set intensity for the training block. A “good” result is one that gives you an accurate enough FTP that the training block is hard enough to provide a good training stimulus without being so hard that you’re struggling to complete workouts. If resting for longer enabled you to get a higher FTP number for the test, but then that number was too high for you to be able to complete training sessions when you weren’t as fresh, then that would be a bad result not a good one.

Probably an academic distinction anyway since 5 days is plenty of rest even at 62! I would recommend getting started ASAP, consistency is the key, much better in the long run to get a moderate training dose every day or 2 than a big dose followed by multiple days off to recover. That probably applies more so as you get older and it becomes harder to recover from overdoing it - the fast guys I know in their 60s (and there are plenty of them out there!) are very consistent with their training.

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Thanks guys, I’m starting to get the picture. Also the linked info was really helpful in regards to incorporating strength training. Thanks!

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