How do you deal with forehead sweat on outdoor rides?

Hello, I was interested to hear how others deal with forehead sweat while riding outdoors. Indoors using a towel is an easy solution. Outdoors I am sweeping my brow with my finger and wiping it on my bib shorts. However, I have to think there is a better solution to keeping my sweat out of my eyes. Do headbands work without impacting the fit of your helmet?
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

there’s a slew of headbands that will fit under your helmet.
so give that a try :slight_smile: some people get an arm band they can use to swipe their forehead too

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Headband for sure. Brand is dependent on what you like.

These are what I use and even though it is more $$ than regular ones they are high quality. Not for everyone though.


This headband is super thin, and at the end of a ride is totally soaked. But it solved the issue of sweat dripping onto the inside of my Oakley EVzero glasses, which sit close to my face and were getting sweat drips on the inside of the lens on every single ride.

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Halo headband. The rubber strip directs the stream of sweat away from my eyes. I had used the Gutter, but my sweat would overwhelm it.


regular ol’ cycling cap does the trick for me

Or a Buff

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Being a heavy sweater I’ve been using Headsweats Super Duty Shorties for years. While they don’t totally eliminate the problem they do help a lot. And since my hair is somewhat thin on top they keep my scalp from getting sunburned through the vent holes on my helmet. Only thing is you have to be sure you have enough adjustability in your helmet to accommodate the increased circumference adding any kind of cap/sweat band will create.

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I second the halo headband, both for indoor and outdoor rides.


I’m bald, so I have no hair to keep the sweat from just pouring down my face. I tried a bunch of different products before finally landing on Sweat Hawg Helmet Liners, and mannnnnnnn lemme you you: they’re life changing. I also use the sweatband on the trainer.

There’s nothing better.


ride faster?

seriously, around here its 90s and low humidity in the summer. Usually only a problem when you stop, or if you are unlucky and riding behind Joe :rofl:

I’m a perfucious sweater and have tried everything imaginable and the only thing that really works is the Sweat Buster . If you haven’t tried one, you’re missing out, and no…no affiliation.

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I have been using a Buff (or similar) for ages.

I’m bald and the Buff plays two roles. In the winter it helps keep my head warm. In the summer it stops my head from getting sunburnt. the way I wear it, quite a bit of it hangs down over the back of my neck, so that helps with sun protection there too. There’s lots of ways of wearing them.

Obviously, in both cases any sweat get collected and evaporates off before it drips down onto my face.

On the trainer, I still sometimes use a Buff but these days I tend to use a normal cheap headband thingy.

I’m a big fan of the cycling cap. Lots of options, cool designs, and keeps the sun out of the top of my sunglasses.

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cycling cap. Walz caps are great.

Same for me. I have 6 of them in rotation.

The Halo is by far the best for us Sweaty Bettys. I had four of them: two extra-wides, one ear-covering one, and one thin one for yardwork. I lost one on a ride, today (during a rest stop) and am going to be ordering a replacement.

No question, no competition. Go buy some Halos.

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I have one as well and it works great outdoors

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I’ve been using these for a few years…awesome because they cover your ears…

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Thank you. Just ordered a Halo V. Looking forward to using one on the trainer.

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