How do you deal with forehead sweat on outdoor rides?

That seems like the same basic concept of the Sweat Hawg I’ve been using but at half the price. Think I’ll order one of these to try it out too. Good find.

Halos are the best and I’ll still use one occasionally but like any head band they become overwhelmed and will drip sweat on your glasses at the most inopportune times. I stopped using anything at all and have learned to just flush out the helmet pads when they’re full. The halo and any other head band only delays the inevitable.

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On the trainer, I end up using these super absorbent headbands. On a two hour ride, I go through two of them, and I keep a halo on my side table as a backup.

The problem with these things is that they’re so freaking absorbent that, in order to dry them out, you need to put them in front of a fan for a few hours. No matter how long you put them in the dryer, they will seemingly always come out damp.

Halos are great for outdoors because they’re not bulky, will fit under your helmet, and will keep sweat out of your eyes, while the wind and sun keep them not overly damp.

I just ordered 2 halo II’s with a 15% first time buyer discount in Canada, looking forward to trying them out. Thanks for the feedback!

Vaseline above eyes

My favorite are the Halo Headbands

Does the halo leave a silly mark on your forehead for hours after the ride?

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Slightly tangential, but for indoor rides I have a box of 11x44 towels. Just long enough I can tie it behind my head, and narrow enough it rolls up nicely. Enough bulk to absorb all the sweat. Buying a box made it very economical (~$2 per towel), plus I don’t have to constantly do the laundry. And they should last forever.

You guys should really check these out…moisture wicking and have lasted longer than any Halo I have ever had, those little rubber strips always peel off.

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It absolutely does. Wear it as a mark of pride!

Interesting idea. I guess I would plan to buy two sets, rinse after workout, let dry overnight. Rinsing, so that you get rid of the salt.

I couldn’t believe they talked about forehead sweat for so long on the podcast. I guess they are pulling the questions from the forum.

Given how sweaty I am, rinsing isn’t enough. I wash these things after every workout and put them in front of a fan to dry. They’re cheap enough that buying two or three isn’t that big of a deal.

I’ve had great success with DeSoto skin cooler helmet beanie.

Great customer support from DeSoto, might have the best customer support in the business. I might give the Chrome Dome a try because of the ear protection.

A lot (all?) of the Specialized helmets have a foam band all the way across the brow, which I find effective at absorbing the sweat. And I’m a heavy sweater…

I use Buffs but cut them into two I use them slightly rolled up when on my trainer and flat when under a helmet, I struggle to find headwear large enough but find buffs fit me well.


Pant liner cut in half long ways stuck inside your helmet, even better now that they are available in black :+1:t2:.