Cycling cap for summer. Yay or nay?

Anybody wearing cycling cap in this ridiculous heat?

Suggestions on one that is breathable. I only have one that’s useful for less hot weather. I get sweat on my eyes so I either need a headband or a cycling cap to help absorb that sweat.

Last weekend my helmets padding was dripping sweat when I tilted my head down

A lighter option that I use on occasion are these skull caps. Just a couple examples as about every clothing brand offers something like them. Wicking material and not as bulky as a regular cycling hat.

ETA: This topic was mainly pointed towards indoor use, but some of the suggestions may be worthwhile under a helmet outside too.


I use this one in white. I’ve got a shaved dome so it’s for sweat, but also so I don’t get crazy strange sun tan / burn lines on my head from my helmet.


I use Halo’s for sweat management. I like them because the strip of rubber directs the sweat away from your eyes rather than relying on absorption. I find on hot days, any material is quickly saturated.

Great is you don’t need a full skullcap.


I haven’t had sweat drip on the inside of my glasses once since I started using the halo, highly recommend.

It was very tight at first (large head) so I stretched it over the helmet once and now it fits great.


Yep, always:

  1. sunny days peak up; rainy days peak down
  2. have shaved head, so insects flying into helmet vents would not bother, plus no weird tan lines beside ones from helmet straps
  3. don’t care about sweat protection so much, seems only my hands are sweating

Always with my bald spot. Big fan of the Giro SPF30 ultralight cap; well ventilated, protects my pate, absorbs sweat, nice touch that the inside of the short brim is black for better vision. Also comes in a skullcap model.


Love this for all the reasons you say, except for me at least the bill won’t stay up. Maybe it has to do with my POC helmet/fit, but it is so annoying. And the bill is great for dripping sweat ahead of my glasses.

But for my shaved head with a big sweating issue, this has been better than anything I tried (headbands, skull caps) that also provides sun protection over my whole head.

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I’ve never had the sweat in the eyes outside problem but I do know a few folk that wear a cap for that reason. Where I have had a problem is indoors and wear a Castelli Sweat Band perhaps it would be of use to you outdoors.

Castelli Summer Headband - SS23 | Merlin Cycles

Edit I see there is a skull cap version of it too:

Castelli Summer Skullcap – Saddleback Elite Performance Cycling


I also use Halo’s, but I had to go for the “bandit” model, which has more material to absorb more sweat. I live where it’s extremely humid though, so I still need to wring it out every 90 mins or so, but it really does help keep sweat off the glasses/eyes. A normal Halo didn’t work.

Agree on the bill. Doesn’t stay up with my Bell Z20 either. I’ve thought about wearing it backwards if I wanted to not have the bill in field of view, but you know, habits…

I’m bald on top, so always have to do something to block the sun.

I have a Giro skullcap and a Pactimo version. I like the Giro better, as it doesn’t cover my ears. But, the Giro material is a bit heavier than I’d like.

My next try will be the Pearl Izumi version. I have their sun sleeves which keep my arms cooler than without! I hope their sun cap performs the same.

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Although bald, I can’t really cope with the perceived additional heat by wearing a cap in the summer….but know plenty of people who do.

As for sweat, I just started using Veostrips in the last week or so and really like them. Yeah, they look dorky when you take your helmet off, but I can live with that. :crazy_face:

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Question for those who don’t use a Halo…why? They are in every bike shop I visit, so I assume they’re in yours too…is that a bad assumption? Or did you use it and not like it? I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone say “I don’t like the Halo”, so just curious.

  • Just like most assumptions… Yup. I’ve never seen one in our main bike shops. The ones I have I ordered online.

ETA: Per below, once they get soaked, the become great dripping sponges. Same can be said for most of these coverings though, but I think my skull caps do a better job of evaporating than my Halos.


Tried it and didn’t like it….once saturated, it just seemed to leak all over my glasses regardless of the strip.


I used a headband version similar to these and had issues with drips since it didn’t always drain to the sides.

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Yep. Agreed. I have to stop and wring it out. Funny to see the people who say they’ve never had a single drip! I figured it was just me and where I live…that was actually my motivation to ask.


Same here. The tray dripped right into my eyes.

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Yeah, I tried the headband version too years ago and hated it….but this seems to work much better.

I think part of the issue with the Gutt’r and the Halo (and Veostrips to a lesser degree) is that they were basically designed around someone with their head up….but in a bike you lean forward and often have your head down. So gravity overwhelms the system and you get drips / leaks out the front instead of dripping out the sides.

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