Wearing cap inside

So I finally dug out the only cycling cap I have to see how I’d fate in a workout. With the recent summer weather in New England, my basement has gone from the low 60’s to 70’s. I’m on endurance week so it’s maybe not the best test, but I’ve noticed that I have a lot less sweat on my brow and that the cap is taking the moisture that probably would have made way to my face and required more constant wiping with my towel. In fact, in my 90min ride today I didn’t use my towel at all.

True test will be when I start SSB2 HV next week, but I’m encouraged by the additional bit of clothing, especially since it’s easy to assume that it would trap heat that way. I guess next is to buy a base layer and try that lol

I wear sweat bands exactly for that reason.

But doesn’t the cap make your head warmer?


I second the headbands. Also keeps my hair out of my face :upside_down_face:


I find wearing a cap completes the silly look I’m going for when my partner sees me on the turbo for the 9th hour that week.

She may roll her eyes but she loves it. I think.


I wear sweatband as well for the same reasons above. Keeps sweat off bike and hair off face. Just keep a towel on the bike in case its an extra sweaty workout.

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Of course, you must also have bib shorts, HRM, and no shirt to be silly complete.


I mean. Obviously.

She doesn’t like it when I ask her to help me put on the chamois creme tho.


I intermittently use a cap or head band, but usually just go without. I find that I sweat more with both and they also prevent the fan from cooling my (bald) head.

What I really don’t understand is wearing a trucker hat backwards on the trainer as demonstrated recently on the Group FTP tests…serves absolutely zero purpose, as far as I can tell. The mesh doesn’t absorb sweat and the plastic sizing strap just serves as a point to have a very focused drip coming down from it.

This isn’t true anymore but Jonathan had longer hair that would probably flop into his face when it got sweaty. So I would imagine it was more of a hair management strategy than for sweat. As this quarantine situation has gone on and my hair is longer I do find that my normal sweat band isn’t doing as good of a job to keep my hair out of my eyes.

Another headband wearer. I have two in reach and can swap if one gets overloaded. The wet one hangs on my rear fan to dry between use.


Hah, those were the days, I wish I had hair to keep out of my face, sigh.

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i tried sweatbands and felt they made my head hotter. Didn’t like it. But I also don’t wear gloves, jerseys, base layers or even the bibs straps when riding indoors so maybe it’s just me.

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I do the exact same thing, I wear just my bibs, gloves, and a cycling cap. Then I walk around the house post workout when my kids have friends over. It keeps the house quiet if nothing else.


I plan to do this when I have kids and my daughter invites her bf over.

Assert dominance.


This is legitimately my every day workout attire…unless I’m in a group workout that I should have a shirt on for… :joy:

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I wear a ladies’ cosmetic hair band on the trainer, and I’m a balding 42 year old man. What happens in bike room stays in bike room!


Same… :weary:

I do the same

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That sounds “Gross” after a couple of sweaty sessions… does it make its own way to the washing machine? :slight_smile: :rofl:

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I use Buffs cut into two pieces, Having a large head most of those caps and some headbands can be too tight. Hair what hair?