Sunglasses Suggestions for Heavy Sweaters?

Looking on suggestions for sunglasses or products to reduce sweat accumulation on glasses. I am a heavy sweater and live in texas, which doesnt help, and after about 20 minutes of hard efforts I find that I have sweat so much I can hardly see out of my sunglasses and have to take them off. Are there any tips, suggestions, or products that I could use to help prevent this so that I can wear sunglasses during races?

Currently use the Oakley windbreaker 2.0 and Giro Vanquish visor and both of them have the same problem.

Should I move to smaller sunglasses so they are less likely to catch the sweat?


maybe it is more of a helmet issue and where the sweat drips? I have had that problem. The Bell Zepher has a sweat guide – it channels sweat in front of glasses. i turned to a POC Octal and it helped me - tends to drop sweat on the sides or in front of glasses. I shave my head and sweat a lot too.

I use the POC Do flow I think - the one with a separate lens for each eye. Works well.


Seconded on the helmet, the specialized evade has a sweat catcher and it’s amazing.

No glasses will help. I’d recommend a helmet with more air flow and/or the following headband:


I just picked one of these up… I will agree they keep sweat out of my eyes but also get the feeling that my forehead, or head in general, “feels” hotter… Also, I can kind of feel the sweat and my instinct is to try to wipe it away/off but I end up just slightly moving the band a bit.

I should note, this has been my experience while riding indoors. Havent tried it while riding outside.

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I too had an issue with my glasses getting grunged up with sweat and with a shaved head I took the route of trying to control the sweat coming off my smooth dome. I was unsuccessful with the “gutter” headband, I now wear my halo skull caps inside out since the rubber strip didn’t help me and left an indentation in my forehead for many hours. I have found that the “Sweatbuster” has helped substantially. In the most humid days, I get over an hour of use before they become sweat-logged. At that point (not during a race but rarely are masters crits over an hour), I can easily pull it out of my helmet and give it a quick squeeze. I have four in daily rotation and find they are easy to rinse out, air dry, and reuse without needing a trip to the laundry.

IMG_8361 IMG_8362

I had similar problems, I got this headband and it improved things a lot.

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I wear Oakley Flak Jackets and have never had an issue with sweat.

I use Veo Strips

Another Texan here, I have tried just about everything. I have not found anything that can last very long during the spring and summer months… The Halo II keeps the sweat at bay for about 20mins of hard effort, velo strips end up falling off. The best thing I have found to keep it away for the most time was just wearing a cycling hat backwards under my helmet and having the edge of it just above the sweat band in my helmet. have worn several helmets, its a sweat issue…

I usually start a race with my Oakley’s and Giro Synthe on, by the end of the race they are in a rear pocket…

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I remember a vlog from Willi Smit of Katusha saying they spray their glasses and the glasses don’t smear. I personally use a headband or Bandana.

Used to also have that problem. Right pain not being able to see. I now have a couple of castelli bandana I wear under my helmets. Both road helmet with glasses and atT helmet with visor. Wearing one wicks away sweat and works wonders. Only catch is wife says I look like Ali G! I dont care. They work. Just double knot them so they dont come undone and flap too much.

+1 for @MI-XC suggestion re: Halo headband.

I had the same issue you described. I had been using P.I. headbands for years. Brought small rags with me on rides to wipe the glasses. I saw another TR thread on the topic of headbands that included the Halo recommendation. Starting using them a couple of months ago. Problem solved. :slight_smile:

I use headbands indoors but Vaseline across the eyebrows works for me

THis headband is the bomb. I have had one now for just over 12 months and one of the best monies I have spent.

Really? I have an evade from about 2 or 3 years ago and I have the sweaty glasses issue when it’s hot enough. Is it a new model you’re talking about?

Yes, I bought it last year. Sweat gaurs is good. My glasses never get sweat on them.