Glasses Wearers: How to keep sweat off glasses indoors?

I wear glasses. On my trainer I usually dont wear them because sweat just pours over them and I cant see. But, I also cant see without them.

I bought a Halo headband and it works for a few minutes, then gets saturated and sweat gets on the glasses.

How can I train indoor and keep sweat off my glasses?

Fan blowing in my face and a towel within easy reach. It’s the only way I can keep from becoming quickly steamed up!


Blower fan blowing on the upper part of the torso, pedestal fan on the face, and a towel on the bike for quick access.


Besides 3 fans, I use an old fashion and giant (thick) 70s style headband with 1-2 backups within reach. I got a pack of 3 for about $7. I also have a towel near by. During recovery periods I often take off the headband, squeeze it into the towel, and let it sit on the handlebars in-front of a fan to dry a little. That’s my magic and so far it works.


I don’t wear my glasses inside for this reason. It’s a problem outside too but…

Have multiple headbands or caps accessible during your ride…swap out as needed when they become soaked.

You can also try the Sweat Gutr headband…some people report great success in keeping sweat out of their eyes with it.

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I’m a heavy sweater even with fans, so when I need to wear my glasses instead of my contacts, I do the fan, towel, sweat headband, and this item just right under the headband. Works great too when I’m riding outdoors under the helmet and sunglasses.

The problem with any system like Halo headbands, GUTR or those strips is that they are only effective if you have a “head up” position. Otherwise, gravity work against the designs.

For example, the Gutr…it is designed to catch the sweat and divert it away from your eyes. Makes sense…but if you have a head down position on the bike (even slightly) gravity prevents the band from diverting the sweat. It can’t divert the sweat UP, so the GUTR becomes filled and eventually spills over the top. Same other designs.


I use a halo which helps, but isn’t perfect. And a handy towel. When the halo saturates, I squeeze it into the towel, and give my whole head & face a wipe down. The GUTR does a fine job, until you look down-ish. Then it fills up and dumps all over your face.

The bet thing I’ve done is upgraded my fan. I went from a 10” oscillating to one of those carpet drying types. HUGE improvement in my 50F basement.



I wear the Sweat Gutr too and have 4 fans (Gym Fan on my back, Pedestal fan in my face and 2 smaller desk/wall either side) and that seems to keep my glasses mostly clear.

Halo bandit (it’s bigger so it holds more), Lasko blowing in my face, and a microfiber towel. When the Halo saturates, I take it off, roll it in the towel to dry (like you do with clothes you washed in the hotel shower), unroll, and hang it over my Garmin mount for a few minutes to dry from the Lasko. Repeat as needed.

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I use two fans and dont have sweat issues with wearing glasses inside. It isnt an issue for me outside either. Maybe it is wear you position your glasses? I dont have them pushed back as far on my nose as they do go so I can still put my finger between my face and my glasses. Air still flows over my forehead and partially behind the glasses depending on the fan and my positioning. I notice that my forehead is left with a salt residue after longer rides.

This sounds like a perfect reason to ditch the glasses and buy a big screen TV for the pain cave. You can still catch a Cyber Monday deal!

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We have a winner.

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This is likely what will happen on Cyber Monday. Ive already started to look at a new layout for the pain cave.

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A pile of towels and whatever screen you can read!!!


Contacts still require you to wear glasses to block the wind from the fan

I don’t doubt that’s a lot of folks’ experience, but I’ve never had that particular problem. I only ever wear contacts on the bike. My biggest problem is accidentally wiping one of them out of my eye when the sweat really starts pouring.


Agreed, proper fan placement, even one pointed at the head won’t require glasses. I’ve used one set above my screen for years with great luck.

Agreed in general, two front fans, one at the rear and head band (cheap tennis one) are my go tos. I also duct cooler air from a window as a bonus.

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