Simple question around missed workout and AT + TrainNow

Ok, so my ‘current plan’ has me riding Tue, Thurs and Saturday… if I happen to miss Thursday’s workout and plan to ride Friday, should I do Thursday’s on Friday knowing Saturday’s is coming up in 24 hours? Or should I just grab a TrainNow recommendation on Friday instead?

See, told you it was a simple question… I’m a simple man just starting to get more into this great training system! No more bouncing around inconsistently b/t TR and Zwift with no plan in mind! It’s now TR and Adaptive Training/TrainNow ALL DAY, EVERY DAY!

Thanks TrainerRoad Team!!!

Do Thursdays’ workout on Friday. Be honest in your survey responses for your workouts and AT will do the rest.

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I move workouts around fairly regularly due to having weather dependent work. I’ll only move the workouts after I’ve done the previous workout so AT has done the adaptations it needs to. I’ll move things an hour or two prior to when I plan to do the workout (via the calendar on the web) then let the app on the iPad sync up.

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