Hot Takes: Recovery Hacks, Group Rides, Calorie Counting, and More - Ask a Cycling Coach 376

Coach Jonathan is out on paternity leave, so the rest of the podcast crew will be hosting for the next month. This week? We’ve got some hot takes with Ivy! We’ll cover the best and worst recovery hacks, discuss if group rides are even worth it, if gravel is just worse cyclocross, and should cyclists shave their legs. Tune in to Episode 376 of the Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast for discussions on these topics and much more!

Tune in Thursday at 8:00am Pacific!

Topics Covered in This Episode

  • How to Find the Motivation to Train
  • How to Tell the Difference Between DOMS and Fatigue
  • Maximizing Training When You’re Time-Crunched
  • Best and Worst Recovery Hacks
  • Are There Disadvantages to ‘Over-Hydrating’?
  • Solo vs. Group Rides: Which is Better?
  • Reasons You’re Not Getting Faster
  • Is Gravel Just Worse Cyclocross?
  • Pros and Cons of Training Rides with Pros
  • Is Carbon Fiber Overrated?
  • How to Deal with Non-Cycling Daily Stress
  • What Causes You to Lose Power
  • How to Fix a Broken Heart
  • Should Cyclists Shave Their Legs?

Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

Sore Muscles and Cycling: How to Manage DOMS

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Gravel is either bad Cyclocross or gravel is just dirty road racing :face_with_monocle:

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Gravel: Boring, skill-free MTB’ing with cars :stuck_out_tongue:


I want these hot takes to be scorching:

  1. No fat in your diet ever.
  2. Coaches are completely obsolete.
  3. Inverted polarized training: 80% sweetspot, 20% Vo2 max, ride easy when you die.
  4. Eat meat, never do cross fit, the paleo diet doesn’t work
  5. Take out some combination of the other popular cycling podcast hosts/ youtubers/ Seiler.

I think between those 5 takes, we should be able to light the forum on fire. Bonus point for promising full adaptive training tri plans with no timeline.


Is there a listening requirement of a beer or bottle of wine for this?

They have this, it’s called SSBMV2


Using Apple Podcasts app, only the AACC pod pauses when I open the Facebook app. Other pods don’t do this, any idea why?

Great Job @IvyAudrain
Mental Health is Health. Sound mind, sound body.
I shave because of sunscreen and hair don’t allow for uniform application Oh and lately crashing.
@Nate_Pearson forgetting to eat was HUGE when I was on ADD chems. Pop my morning pill, have a cup of coffee, and before you know it’s 2 PM and you haven’t eaten anything because the pills are also an appetite suppressant. Riding (and lots of task lists) are my drugs now. If I stopped riding, I’d have to go back on chems.
About Carbon fiber - I LOVE my Scalpel, such a great bike, but I also love my ti gravel bike. definatly not whippy at all, but T-lab is doing things with tube shaping that causes some people to ask if my Ti bike is CF.

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Didn’t listen yet but same issue for me. GF doesn’t get it “what do you mean you haven’t eaten in 12 hours?”… was just working didn’t think about it. Better on the slow release capsules, also don’t dehydrate me as much, but unfortunately my insurance doesn’t cover those. Caffeine and exercise had worked well the last 10+ years but hit a point with my business that it wasn’t cutting and needed some extra help.

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@IvyAudrain was a rock star hosting today. Sorry, still want @Nate_Pearson to host do Chad can give him “feedback”.

When I rode SBT GRVL in 21 I think I was the only person with hairy legs anywhere near my starting position. I’m staying hairy just to be different and I’m never going to be at the pointy end of a race. However, I will shave my back next week to stay cooler in a big heat gravel race in Lemmon SD.


Thanks for the podcast! Great content. Curious where was the calorie counting?

Yep, I’m managing atm, but know what it feels like when I’m not. Having an significant other that also knows the signs and that you’ll listen to helps a lot.

Was a fun listen. But please don’t get @Nate_Pearson get away with not hosting. After last week we deserve it :wink:


I’m not crying, you’re crying. Nice job Ivy, especially on the choice of the second last question.


Ivy is a great host. Haven’t listened to podcast in the past year(?)…nevertheless, she’s a great podcast addition.

The non-riding stress discussion was great. Going through divorce and move that’s been a huge impact in my weight gain, riding time and modes of reducing that stress.

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this was one of my favourite episodes in a long time: concise, fun, informative and no BS.

great job @IvyAudrain! :slight_smile: (@Nate_Pearson and chad great interplay too :D)


Love the Hot Takes format. Best pod in ages. Nice work @IvyAudrain


Infrequent commenter, long-time listener … I thought this week’s podcast was reminiscent of Ask a Cycling Coach podcasts of old: concise, informtative, and relaxed. Not to suggest that it is no longer this way, but I felt compelled to let @IvyAudrain know I enjoyed her work! I could go on longer but then I’d fail at being concise, informative, and relaxed.


Good podcast indeed! Although transitioning from question to question could be smoother. Guess it is just (in)experience.

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Ditto to so much above. Great podcast this week overall and @IvyAudrain ran it like a pro. Loved her style and the feel of it all.