Homemade Rice Cakes - Help

Hello guys,

I’m trying the GCN and Nigel Vegan Rice Cakes (but with half the portions) but I need help here on doing some math as clearly somethings not working.

I did some homemade rice cakes and now, i’m struggling to get a good sense on the adequate individual dose and it’s nutrients information (so I can keep up with the intake).

So, here what I’ve used:

250g of short grain rice (usually used for rice pudding)
100g Coconut Milk
15g white sugar
5g Coconut Oil
10g Vanilla Flavor
500g Water

I can also leave the values for the products:

100ml Coconut Milk - 201kcal - 20g F - 2.2 Carb - 2.3g Prot
5g Coconut Oil - 45kcal - 5g F
15g Sugar - 68kcal - 17 Carb

For the rice I only have its nutritional value as I don’t know how much it would change with the boiling and the water…so:

For 250g of uncooked short grain Rice - 867,5 kcal - 195 Carb - 2.75g F - 15g Prot

At the end, the total weight of the product is 741g.
I need help figuring out the total KCAL, Carb, Fat and Prot so I can then make individual bunches to take on the bike.

Can anyone help me on this, please ? Thanks in advance !

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Pretty straight forward. You add all Cals and nutritients of all ingredients and divide it by the weight of the of the end product.

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Thanks !

At this point, I have:

For a total of 741g of product I have:

1181 kcal
214.20 C
18.46 F
17.3 P

In which, to have a goal of having 30g Carbs on each individual dosage i’ll need:

104g Rice Cakes
165 kcal
30g C
2.59g F
2.42g P

To be honest, it seems a LOT of Rice Cakes for 1 dosage, but that’s the feeling i’m getting.

Isn’t the rice messing up the math ? I say this because 250g of uncooked isn’t the same as 250g of cooked rice and, although calories are the same, the total weight is different and that might influcence on how much grams is an individual dosage.

Right ? Or is my mind playing tricks on me ?

Whenever counting calories I usually use the raw weight for grains.
Protein I usually count cooked weight, some meat like chicken have water added to help freezing or holding at cooler temps.

In this case, what can I do to actually have a correct measure ?

It just seems off.

Yea you have to realize the rice will soak up a lot of water, also in terms of volume rice 1/3cup raw rice will be about a cup or more after it’s cooked.
I’ve made them before and it does make quite a bit.

But since the receipt is adding all product together at once, I don’t have the measure of the cooked rice to figure out the difference between the uncooked version.

Any suggestions on how I can figure this out or do the math ?

Looks interesting! Do you have a link with recipe? Thanks!

Sure !


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Measure the total weight afterwards? Put the freezer bag on a scale. Than you have the 214 grams of carbs for that weight.

The carbs come mainly from the rice (only a bit of sugar added) and cooked rice contains about 25-30 grams carbs/100 g.

Thing is, the final product is with the other ingredients added and it sits in around 714gr total.

I just want to divide that by a suitable dose to give me around 30gr of carbs per dose. My math is in this topic but for some reason, it seems that 104gr per dose is too much, am I wrong ?

The rice has the same amount of cals cooked or uncooked. The water has no cals and just adds weight. If you assume you don’t lose water as steam while cooking, but that all gets soaked up by the rice, adding all the raw cals and dividing them by the total weight (inc water) is correct.

are we over thinking this?

total calories divided by the number of portions cut up. my own recipe ends up at 200 cals for a decent rice cake, which is irrelevant but feels right lol.

It will actually be easier to divide the total weight by the total cals, because then you can just multiply the figure by 30 to get the weight you need to make each portion.

Hey Ian,

I bet i’m overthinking a bit, i agree.

Thing is, 200kcal is not the point.

The point is to have a suitable dosage… i don’t care if it’s 200, 250kcal with the 30carbs i’m targetting for… thing is that my math is giving me 104g of individual dosage wihch is a lot to carry, and If I want to take 3 or 4 cakes with me, imagine the weight I will carry lol

Honestly it’s hard together exact measurements without using a recipe builder to figure how many portions you need for a 30g portion
MyFitnessPal has a recipe builder that is awesome for stuff like this! You can change the serving size to meet you needs. Just plug the info in and then figure out the servings/ cuts you’ll have to make to get the 30g. Hope that helps, but the recipe builder on MyFitnessPal is amazing for stuff like this!

Your maths looks correct. However, 30g carbs is quite a lot, and I’d probably make the cakes smaller and just have more of them.

You think ?

I’m trying to target around 60-65 carbs / hour when riding and i want something affordable (hence the homemade rice cakes) to bring with me.

Having some of them with gels and with hydration it will give me enough evergy for my 4h rides. If I make them smaller but bring more of them, is the same of bringing less and bigger, for the same nutrition.

Yes. You have to keep in mind that a lot of the weight is water - the 500ml are still in there. This is also why so many people have gels and other sugary things to eat, more carbs to the gram.

The smaller pack size is just to make them easier to eat - for me it has to be something that is only 1-2 bites.