Anybody figured out how to make puffed/dry rice cakes or similar?


I have been on the homemade rice cake train for a while now, however I have noticed recently the sliminess and texture has started to become a bit of an issue — especially a few hours into a ride.

Has anyone figured out how to make something similar to the puffed/crunchy version that Skratch Labs sells? Or anything similar?

Do you mean the Skratch Rice Crispies Treats? I like those, but feel like you could slip in a regular RCT instead if you’re not overly concerned with using flax seeds instead of rice crispies and want to save money.

I’ve made these before here’s a recipe and nutritional facts.

Take one bowl mix all the dry ingredients together, and another microwave safe bowl heat up the honey and peanut butter together. Mix the wet with the dry ingredients.
Then I take a sheet pan with parchment paper, dump everything on there. Try to pat it down with your hands, then take another sheet of parchment paper and use a roller to roll it smooth and even. Then I refrigerate it for a couple hours take it out, cut it up, etc…
Use 1.5 cups of Rice Krispies, it looks confusing on the ingredient list.


I made these over the weekend and fark they are good. Have been eating them for breakfast ever since! Thanks :metal:

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Awesome! Glad you like them!

Wait what, it has 28 tbsps of peanut butter for 1.5 cups of rice crispies? Is it just extra crispy peanut butter?

Yes, but also 2 cups of oats as a dry ingredient and it’s not chunky peanut butter. For this recipe, I used it earth balance, coconut oil -peanut butter.

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