How many hours is too much?

Hi i have been using TR for almost 3years and in the past 3 months have been using the plan builder option. Based on my previous training the plan has me training 6days per week with 9 to 10.5 hrs of training on avg.
I love trainer road but just wonder around recovery. On the podcasts it emphasises the importance of rest days but my programmes allows only one and most of the training days couldn’t really be categorised as active recovery.
Any thoughts much appreciated

My training regime is very similar to yours. Just a day off, and no recovery rides. I am able to hit all my targets without requiring to reduce the intensity or alter the workout to make it easier. If you are able to complete the workouts, you should be good to go.

Thanks for the input. Yeah I can still hit all the targets but scrolling through the next 6 months I just wonder about long term sustainably with such limited rest and recovery

I’ve been riding 9-12 hours per week this year. I feel like I do better with 2 days of rest. But I do like to ride though and often do 6 days per week. Week after week of that I start losing my sharpness. If I take a 1/2 volume rest week and then get back into it the following week riding 4 days I’ll start to peak and start feeling super strong.

I’d say it depends on your goals and events or rides where you want to perform. You could try riding your 9-10 hours in 5 days per week and see if that helps you recover better.

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Listen to your body and don’t be afraid to shift weeks and add in active recovery or complete rest as and when needed.

I’ve been averaging 9.5-12 hours per week since the end of April, but with two rest days per week, Mondays and Fridays. The Sunday morning rides are often longer, 3-5 hours, which helps push the weekly total up. Would something like that work?

Maybe you are being a bit selective on what they say on the podcast? They also say Mid Volume is going to be the best fit for most folks as high volume is a ton of work.

In rough terms, high volume is 1 day a week off on average, mid volume gives you 2 days off a week and low gives you 3.

Seems like you are concerned about doing too much and want more rest. That is why there is a mid volume plan option. If HV is too much simply shift to MV :+1:t4: and give yourself another rest day.

For the past 3 weeks, I have been training for 16-20 hours per week. I am following the low volume century plan but I add a lot of endurance through local club rides, and Wednesday nights. I needed a recovery day on top of a day off in order to hit my targets. Before that, I used to train for 8-12 hours per week due to life getting in the way and having a day off was enough for me to recover. I think recovery should be very contextual as in my case. If you are so fatigued from your workouts in such a way that it is interfering with your other aspects of life, you definitely need to add in a recovery day or a day off to stay on track.

Thanks for all for the comments and input. I will stick with the plan but like I say it’s not so much that I am having issues coping with the training I just wondering about the counter narrative of couldni be performing better with more rest periods built in?

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The single one thing that really helped me cope with volume and training load was a good 6-7 week block of low intensity polarized base where I ramped up to 13-14 hours per week. I got a 20 point FTP bump out of this and this set the stage for being able to do 3 hour group rides without totally feeling devastated for the rest of the day afterwards and being able to ride 10+ hours week in and week out.

That said, I often wondered if I would do better on 5 days per week - doing fewer but longer rides. I never got around to the experiment.