2-3 workouts/wk - Mid/High Volume plan

Hi guys,

I remember Pete talking about how he used to do a mid/high volume plan with only 3 workouts a week, each of them being a super productive 2h workout.

Having previously completed SSBHV and HV Build I am used to training 10+h per week, but with the weather getting so nice I am hoping to do much more riding outside (and only able to do outdoor structured training on the weekend as it take an hour each way to get to an appropriate road for it).

I am hoping to setup a plan that is appropriately periodized and builds on itself (as all TR plans do) with 2/3 hard 1.5-2.5h workouts to ensure I don’t de-train with out the outdoor unstructured riding. Any ideas on how to do this?

My initial idea was to setup a LV plan and use the +4/5 versions of every workout, but the difficulty of these workouts seem to vary significantly which could lead to me setting myself up for failure (I would use the AT feature of finding a longer alternitive at the same difficulty but I’m not in the beta yet).

Any ideas are enouraged!!


Use a HV plan and keep the 3 hardest workouts (tuesday, thursday and saturday), fill with endurance if you want