Train Now and LV plan

Not sure if this has been asked before but: if you are on a low volume plan and you do extra “Train now” sessions, would these sessions be the same as would be scheduled if you were doing a higher volume plan?

Definately not IME. I’ve been trying to do 6 days a week with an LV plan.
I’m yet to see an Attacking WO and only get recommendations for Climbing WO’s if it’s a recovery week. The HV plans are a different beast altogether.

What are you trying to do?

I’m not really trying to do much- I’m on a LV plan so I can also ride outside, but I’ve been in lockdown so riding solely indoors. With all that time on the trainer, I had time to think and so I was wondering, whether the ‘extra’ train now sessions would be the same as doing an extra 2 days in the plan.
It would kind of make sense unless the algorithm either recognises you’re only doing an LV plan and therefore doesn’t want to overload you or, the algorithm can’t work out how how add in extra sessions that would complement the plan you are currently on. Maybe that’s the future of AI training?

I wouldn’t overthink it. The AI isn’t quite there yet AFAIK.
My experience with adding TN rides is that they are always Achievable. You’ll still need to know when it’s OK to push your boundaries.
I’m adding outdoor rides a couple days a week and my ‘on the bike’ fitness is pretty solid without the need to make myself sick with HV.

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Not really. The difference is just the amount of workouts, it’s the intensity of the workouts. Mid volume has, of course, more volume but the workouts itself seem just a tad lower on the intensity (workout to workout). So combined you’ll get more of intensity because of the extra volume.

If you want to add volume to the LV plans I would suggest only adding endurance workouts (.7 to. 75 If).

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