Help me to find balance between low and mid volume for short power build

As a father i have really limited time in the weekend to train, i previously did the sweet spot low volume 1 and 2 and i was able to take it off in the weekend by trainning monday, wednesday and friday. But with mid volume, i have to train monday, tuesday, wednesday, friday and saturday. So can i cut out the saturday trainning or take the 1hr alternative or just squeeze them all and trainning monday to friday?? What would be the best alternative?



  • This phrasing implies a negative state of mind… “have to…” seems more like a chore than an opportunity.

Based on that, I will parrot the typical response.

  • Use Low Volume and only add rides as possible/practical.
  • When you have more time to work and rest appropriately, look to the Mid Volume plan for rides to either increase to for an already scheduled ride, or pick a workout from the “extra” Wednesday or Saturday ride.
  • Do NOT try to squeeze these into too short of a time span. You will likely not be properly rested to hit them as needed to get the proper benefits.
  • Training is not a “race” to completion or a simple list to check off.
    • It is about pushing the body, allowing it to rest (rebuild/adapt), and repeating that process to a defined point.
  • The temptation to squeeze more work into less time is a pitfall that will end in problems in most cases.
  • Pick the plan that you know you can do completely. Then supplement with more rides when possible.
    • There is a better feeling to adding something in a plan vs leaving something out or missing.
    • It may seem like a small difference, but I think there is more tendency to feel negative about missing workouts than adding them.

I’m a father with 4 kids, 9yrs, 4yrs,3yrs and 4 months (all girls talk about Daddy time:sweat_smile::grimacing:). I don’t know how much time you have if you intend to include family time. I have been training on Low Volume on TrainerRoad for about a year now and still getting better. 3 Trainer rides a week and a Saturday morning outdoor ride a week is what I can guarantee. So I’m sticking to it and it’s working for me. I think as long as you’re staying consistent you’ll see improvements. Just my two cents. Hope that helps. Forgot to add you need to have FUNNNNNN!!! doing it ( Most important)


Wow nice! i did not expect an complet answer like this, very nice! I think then ill go for the low volume, but witch training would you suggest to add between the wednesday ride and friday (the ride on friday is the longest one)

From the Mid Volume,

  • The Wednesday ride is more of a “TSS Filler” workout. It is relatively low intensity and short, with the main goal of increasing overall weekly stress.
    • This is a good one to use if you have time for a ride, but are not sure you are ready for a “hard” workout.
  • The Sunday workout (there are no Friday workouts) is a “harder” workout than above and will be more demanding in the moment as well as demand a bit more recovery.
    • Choose this one when you feel ready to work hard and have time to soak it up in recovery after.
    • If the ride is too long, you can look for the shorter versions that will focus on similar energy systems.

Oh yeah its all about the funn :smile: but as a canadian i got to live with winter and snow :tired_face: so the inside trainer is more about discipline

I think ill go for the low volume, but should i add a workout on the tuesday or the thursday and what training could be good to raise my TSS without screwing up the plan?

I’ve been doing the mid volume plan and just removed the TSS filler workouts. Low volume wasn’t quite enough for me either, so that extra workout (and the fact that many of them are longer) I feel, has been beneficial for me.

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Since you have what looks like hard days on Wed and Fri, I don’t know if it makes much of a difference when you add it.

But based on the overall intensity you already have, I would only add something like Pettit to start and see how you handle it, but more importantly, the workout the day after. Make sure you don’t get more tired that leads you to missing that harder workout.

You have a dense schedule there, and I could see an extra ride possibly leading to issues. So be careful and listen to your body.


I just started short power build Low Vol. and I was wondering the same.
I am wanting to add a workout here and there when my hectic and unpredictable work schedule allows for it.
I semi- failed a Vo2 workout this morning due to lack of sleep and lack of time to eat much prior to the workout. Days like this make me want to add something in today after work or tomorrow that is less intense but will help me regain the sense of accomplishment and keep my legs in the game.
I appreciate any insight on what to look for in a filler or additional workout.

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I’m just another user, so take my answer with a grain of salt. As a low-mid volume rider, my rule is that I will not do more than 2 work days in a row. In practice, this means (assuming the typical T,-Th-Sat schedule) if I want to add a day on Wed or Fri, I add an Endurance ride at 50-75% FTP (.50s-.60s IF). If I want to add a Sunday ride, I add a work ride, usually pulled from the mid-volume plan for that same day. I never add Monday rides, so I’ve never contemplated that. I actually think the best way to handle this, if you can handle a lot of “missed” workouts, is to load the mid-volume plan and consider Wed and Sat or Sun as optional rides. For some of us, it’s hard seeing the missed rides hard on the psyche though.


All right guys thanks a lot for your interest in my question, i think what is the best option for me is the low volume and to insert some low intensity from the mid volume program, the last podcast (196) explain the importance of integrating low intensity workout like thisSans%20titre

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I had really good success managing the low/mid gap by stealing workouts out of Traditional Base Low Volume and inserting them into the short power build. Specifically workouts like Mount Field or Table Rock, if I was inserting into a weekday. It’s a little more stressful than say a Pettit or Carter, and isn’t as stressful as the Sunday workouts you are essentially dropping and still gives you some good extended power work which you’ve lost from the Sunday rides.

The alternative, if it’s your weekdays that are tight but you can get away with weekend rides on both days but not the 2hr Sunday ride, find a shorter variant of the prescribed workout. For example instead of doing Antelope+5 in week1, swap it for regular Antelope that is 90min.


Chad, does it make sense to just add things in because then your TSS is all over the place rather than gradually creeping up over the 6 weeks? I only ask this because I am having this situation. Base Mid SS1. Couple of weeks where missed 2+ hours of Thursday and Sunday rides because of work. TSS all over the map. 312, 352, 164, 253, 252, 336. So instead of jumping right back in I tried to build up gradually again. Wrong move?

In your loading weeks, it is generally good to have a ramp up in TSS. The rate varies and 8 look at the TR plans for overall guidance when I start making my own changes.

So a slight increase from week to week is a good goal.