Mid volume minus, or low volume plus

Hi all,

Fairly typical question, however I would be grateful for answers to reassure my assumptions.

I resumed training in June following some time off. I’m now moving into short power build.

I can ride four days a week. Typically, I would do mid volume, lose the Wednesday endurance ride and swap out the Saturday ride for a tough punchy group ride (1.5 hour). Trainer rides are completed on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday before work.

However, Sundays have now become a no-go due to other commitments.

Option 1 - Move the 2hr sweet spot sessions usually completed on Sunday to a weekday morning. This means an earlier start/less sleep. I’m not too enthusiastic about this option.

Option 2- Same as above, but shorter ‘Sunday’ sessions.

Option3- would be just do low volume sessions on mon, wed, and fri. Top it up with the group ride on Sat.

The nature of these ‘plans’ are quite different. I have no particular events, but want my ftp up another ~15w to get to my pre-break baseline. And to put the hurt on to the fast guys in my club again!

Trainerroad user for 4+ years, 4.0w/kg, 2nd cat road race license UK.

Any input would be good! I’m erring towards option 3, for simplicity and enjoyment. The group ride sat however is pretty similar to the longer low volume workout (punchy), so I have bit of a concern I’m frying myself all 4 days.


Personally I think that the LV+ offers more flexibility plus it’s psychologically better to complete a plan and add to it than be constantly thinking about skipping a workout.

In your case I would be inclined to do the LV workouts on Mon, Wed, Thurs then that gives you Friday and Sunday as rest days.

So my vote is for option 3.

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Lots of good info out there - here’s a little help to get started :wink:


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I would also vote for option 3. Just bulk up the low volume

But don’t forget that the idea of a training plan is to add a little stress every week, so try and ensure you still follow that model by being consistent with any rides you do outside of the TR plans, at least if you want maximum gains!

This subject has often been talked about in the podcast and they always advise option 3.


Fundamental truth of life I’ve learned: It’s easier to add than to take away.

Especially features promised in a software product when you let cool ideas, excitement, and inadequate understanding of the complexities scope creep you into over committing. :sob: And training plans.

So that’s another vote for option 3.