Help me modify my training plan, after one week off - due Covid

Hello, I (46 yrs) have been on Low volume climbing road race plan since beginning of December, which should end on the last March. I started it at 3.88W/kg and my personal best was one month prior to that, at 4.05 W/kg, which i think might be my upper limit-considering the amount of time i have available for sport. I injured ribs on 10th January and so skipped 8 days of workouts and eventually grew back to it, started with one week at low intensity.
When ramp test came on i’ve got to 3.9ish W/kg. Should have finished with build phase two days ago, but I’ve cached covid 8 days ago and was sick 3 days, almost completely OK now, but didn’t train for 8 days-will start today…i should have done ramp test yesterday (or let AI do its magic, but i’d prefer test my self too). Meaning i have skipped one week of low intensity workouts and now not feeling up to doing the ramp test, before i get atleast 3 workouts done, which will need to be at low intensities.
Can you give me an advice, what to do with the plan and next days, before I test my self in a week or so and start with the speciality. What would you do? Must mention, it doesn’t matter to me if complete plan gets prolonged deep in to April.
Today the TRR doesn’t offer to modify the plan for me.

I must also add, I have been on Middle volume climbing road race plan one year ago and I do find this Low volume climbing road race plan, combined with newest TR AI engine as good, if not even better for me…got a bit burned out last year, struggled with many workouts in the end …although found some (for me unimaginable) gains last spring, which i was able to carry through the year (no structured training and low volume) and eventually peaked in October.

Must also add; TrainerRoad …you rule!

I have same issue. Last time on TR was ramp test for start of specialty (century plan, event 24/4). I added “illness” into Tr calendar for next week, as realistically that’s how long it that feels I need to recover🥲
I think I will just do new ramp, and then start plan as AT suggests, accepting that some of the first workouts may need a decreased percentage etc

What does TR do automatically if I skip a week of training? Will it add difficulty and volume to get me back on track, reduce difficulty because I’ve lost a bit, or something else?

This is worth a read, Lots of folks in your same position:

Nothing really - AT is not that advanced. I think what it generally does is just skip a week in the training plan. You can add a illness notation to your calendar so that AT knows you were out sick.

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