TR Ramp Test after illness ? - Adaptive Training enabled


I’m using a training plan ending in June 2022. Started the plan about a month ago. Last week, one training block was finished and TR recommended to continue with a Ramp Test at the beginning of this week as a start of the next training block.
Anyway, due to illness, I couldn’t start with the training this week. I had a cold, and stayed at home a few days. Friday I was feeling better again. I added Tuesday - Friday as off training to the TR app, and marked it will “Illness”.
On Saturday when I went to the gym for some indoor cycling, TR continued to show me to start with a Ramp Test. - This is strange because all PT’s tell you to start with a lower intensity training as the first one after some illness. - It looks like TR and Adaptive Training doesn’t take this into consideration.
I was expecting to maybe start with an endurance ride on Saturday, and start with the Ramp Test on Monday instead.

Any comments on that?

you’re expecting WAY too much from AT… it doesnt swap around sessions or change the order of anything. It simply adjust the next workout slightly based on how you performed and rated the previous (similar PL) sessions.

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I assume, AT just shortened your training phase as well.
I‘d ease back into training for 1 week based on feel. Starting with z2 and increase intensity if you feel healthy again (maybe with the help of train now).
After that, I’d start with week 1 of the phase you‘d have started on monday.
AT doesn’t handle time off due illness adequately at the moment.